Even though we all envy them for that ‘Colgate’ smile, as it turns out, most celebrities are regular people just like us. That means they weren’t born with a set of perfect pearly whites as you might believe. It’s all the work of very fine cosmetic dentistry. But that’s good news because it means you can get it too and finally have that Hollywood smile you always wanted. So, how do celebrities get straight teeth? Here’s how.

1. Porcelain Veneers

This is the number one method among celebrities and which is now available to mass audiences as well. Veneers are actually very thin strips of porcelain shaped like a V which the dentist will bond to your natural teeth to make them all the same size and color. Seeing as they are so very fine, they will look like your natural enamel and will not stand out as if you’ve had any dental work done at all.

how do celebrities get straight teeth catherine zeta jones

2. Invisalign

This is a rather quick procedure for people who need to straighten out their teeth but who fear or simply do not want to show they have engaged in this procedure. Celebrities typically choose this method because they cannot appear in movies or on stage with braces. Invisalign will fix your malocclusions as long as they are mild to moderate and nobody will know a thing!

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3. Dental Bonding

So, you want to know how do celebrities get straight teeth? Research dental bonding. It’s a lot simpler and even cheaper than porcelain veneers. The reason is that the dentist can complete this procedure for you in one single sitting without involving the lab. He will simply apply some composite to your teeth if you happen to have gaps between them or if your roots are exposed in an unpleasant manner. It’s simply a very quick fix that will last you.

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4. Dental Implants

Here’s a more serious one in case you actually need it. Sometimes, you may have trouble with tooth decay and find yourself in need of replacing one or more of your teeth. Don’t worry. Celebrities go through this one as well. And when that happens to them, they go for teeth implants. This is the healthiest and securest way to make sure you will not have any more problems in the future.

how do celebrities get straight teeth tom cruise

5. Crowns

If you have a very damaged or even worn out tooth, then, unfortunately bonding or a porcelain veneer to cover it will not help you at all. You are going to need a crown which will basically rebuild the structure of the tooth. After that, you can still ask your doctor to perform other cosmetic dentistry procedures on you, so that you can copy your favorite celebrity and his or her dashing smile.

Now that you know all the secrets on how do celebrities get straight teeth and have seen the pictures, don’t you feel a bit better? It’s reassuring to know that even the most beautiful people on the planet didn’t start off as picture perfect. They still had to get help from their dentist and now you can too.

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