If you have curly hair, you probably fall in one of the two categories: women who love their curls and women who do everything to straighten their hair. The magic thing about the hairstyles for curly hair is that such hairdos look amazing while you achieve them in a matter of minutes (and then pretend you spent hours getting that perfect style).

We will look today at some curly hairstyles for medium hair, curly hairstyles for short hair and curly hairstyles for long hair that you will love. They are easy to pull off while looking as veritable works of art. So let us get down with it, shall we?

1. The Sky High Pony Tail As a Hairstyle for Curly Hair

This is a Rihanna-style curly hairstyle and it is so easy to achieve you will wear it on all occasions. You can also dress it up or down, depending on the situation, so you can look casual in the morning and glamorous in the evening.

hairstyles for curly hair

  • Gather all your hair in a high ponytail at the crown of your head and secure it with a clear elastic; leave out some wild strands to frame your face for a full glamorous effect.
  • Keep the elastic lifted with a few vertical bobby pins on the underside of the ponytail
  • Keep your curls bouncy and defined all day long with a hair cream for curly hair and some hairspray.

This is one of those hairstyles for curly hair that works best on medium-length hair.

2. Thick Curls Bob Haircut

This is both a haircut and a hairstyle for women with thick curly hair and little time to spend in front of the mirror. The beauty of this curly hairstyle is that once it is properly put in place, it will need little to no supplemental styling.

hairstyles for curly hair

  • Get a short bob haircut with multiple hair colors and highlights
  • If you want to pump things up for a party or a special occasion, use some curls-defining cream, hair mousse, and hairspray to add volume and texture to the entire ensemble.

3. Curly Hair Low Updo

Medium and long curly hair makes a unique impression when you style it in an easy updo with messy curly strands framing your face. This elegant, classic, and a bit retro hairstyle goes great at parties, wedding ceremonies, and business meetings (if you dress it accordingly).

 hairstyles for curly hair

The hairstyle is easy to achieve if you follow the instructions:

  • Take a strand of hair from each side of your head and gather them together with an elastic at the back of your head; leave a few loose curly strands to frame your face.
  • Start twisting and wrapping the other strands of hair around the tail; secure with bobby pins
  • You will get a loose, intentionally messy look at the back of your head; keep everything in place with bobby pins and a strong hairspray to keep your updo for hours.

If you have multiple hair colors or highlights, the updo will look even more amazing.

Picking Up the Bobby Pins…

…Is curly hair a blessing or a curse for you? What are your favorite hairstyles for curly hair? Do you have other secrets and tips to get curly hairstyles in minutes you would like to share?

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