Are you looking for inspiring resources related to how you should do your hair? If you are not pleased with the way your hair looks, and you feel it is quite dull, you should totally check out some of the most creative and original hair care gurus accounts from the digital environment. We have come up with a list of the best hair channels you should follow.

Best Hair Care Gurus in Online Media

beautiful original hairstyles you should learn to do

Kayley Melissa

Kayley is one of the best hair care gurus in the digital environment. She will provide you with plenty of useful tips. No matter what style you search for, she has it all, from casual looks to complex hairstyles. Kayley is well-known for her successful attempts to recreate royalty designs. For example, she can make you have Kate Middleton’s hairdos.  On her YouTube channel, she offers her viewers daily tutorials. If you are still wondering whether or not Kayley has success with her videos, you will be blown away by the huge number of followers. More than one million people have subscribed to her channel.

Lilith Moon

Lilith is a hair salon model, and she has developed her own YouTube channel. There, she shares a lot of hair and beauty advice with her followers, which, by the way, are more than 1.4 million people. Lilith is one of the most popular hair care gurus in the online environment. She presents all kind of tutorials, from easy, informal styles to sophisticated techniques made for special occasions. She has plenty of experience from her work as a model, during which she has traveled worldwide.

Claire Ashley

Claire has been posting on her YouTube channel for five years, and she has gained 171, 000 subscribers. You will find her videos to be concise, clear and coherent. Also, it will be easy to relate to everything Claire presents in her tutorials. If you want to achieve a celebrity’s hairstyle, Claire is the right person to follow. She is one of those hair care gurus who don’t just show the way they do hair. Claire’s posts also teach you how to help your hair grow longer, and how to use hair care products.

Cinthia Truong

Cinthia’s channel is extremely popular. You should follow it too, considering she is very talented and full of new and original ideas. She has more than 500,000 subscribers who are madly in love with the way her tutorials are made. Even though her unique styles might seem complicated at first, once you get the hang of it, they will be easier to create. Her videos are quite straightforward, so it shouldn’t take you a lot of time before learning her techniques. This is also due to Cinthia’s comprehensive instructions.

Alex Centomo

Alex become great at doing hair because she had to deal with her own luscious long locks. Now, she is a pro when it comes to hairstyles. If you want to tame your thick hair, her YouTube channel is the right one to follow. By the way, Alex has over 508,000 subscribers, which is a lot. She is a true expert when it comes to braids and perfect curly waves. Even though these flowy hairstyles are great for summer, you can try them all year long.

Final Words

Do you want to look like a celebrity? Start from mastering different original hairstyles. Do you have problems with your untamed locks? Try following all of the above hair care gurus, and you will soon learn how to create beautiful hairdos. Don’t get frustrated if it won’t work from the first time. Be perseverant, watch their tutorials carefully, and keep applying their advice.

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