Hair is complex, being made of thousands of cells and three different layers. Frizzy hair happens because of lack of moisture, and it makes you look like you have been electrocuted. It happens mostly during the cold season when our locks are damaged by low temperatures and winter clothes. If you want to get rid of bad hair days, you should definitely use the following remedies.

5 Effective Tips on How to Tame Frizzy Hair

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1. Use a Moisturizing Conditioner

There are two types of conditioners you can use. The first ones are those regular types which require you to rinse after applying them. The second conditioner type is the dry one that stays in your hair without washing it. Both work miracles when it comes to frizzy hair. Conditioner smoothens your locks’ cuticles and hydrates your scalp. Choose one that contains glycerin and other hydrating elements such as shea butter.

2. Apply a Hydrating Mask

You can either buy one from the beauty store or prepare a natural hair mask at home. The best ones are those that contain avocado and bananas. You should apply these masks at least once a week. Hydrating masks are especially useful in colder months. During winter, the air gets dryer. Therefore, your locks get damaged quicker and easier. If you decide to buy a mask instead of making one, choose a brand that contains glycerin.

3. Try Hair Serum

A good effective way to get rid of frizzy hair is always to carry a hair serum with you, in your purse. Use it on your ends and apply it up to your hair’s middle section. Make sure not to put it on your roots because it might make your hair look oily. Frizz serums are great products for touch-ups. They maintain your hair moisturized and hydrated, preventing it from getting messy.

4. Brush Your Hair Correctly

When your hair is frizzy, it gets dryer. Therefore, it will break easier, especially when you brush it in a harsh way. Moreover, brushing your hair might only make it worse instead of taming those rebel locks. Another thing you should consider is not to brush it when it is wet. Wet locks are more fragile. Harsh brushing is not the only thing that damages your hair. Towel-drying can also cause breakage.

5. Use Vitamin E Oil

Combine this oil with almond oil, warm up this mix, and let it cool until it reaches the room’s temperature. Then, apply it on your scalp and rub it gently. Leave it there for about 30 minutes. Wash your hair with shampoo, and don’t forget to use a conditioner. Other oils are also good for your hair. You can use olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, and more. All these ingredients will hydrate and moisturize your locks.

Final Words

Don’t make mistakes when it comes to your hair. Sometimes when you try to tame frizzy hair, the only result is making it worse. Factors, such as frequent shampooing, harsh brushing, blow drying, and others, will damage your hair making it more fragile. I hope the above-described tips will help you get rid of messy hair. Share with us, in the comment section below, which one works best for you.

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