Most of you have probably heard the famous phrase that goes “you are what you eat.” Well, unfortunately, not enough people know that it is actually true. The foods we eat not only affect how we feel and how we look overall but have a great impact on our skin too. Our complexion suffers if we regularly eat certain foods that are considered bad and harmful. This is why, in this article, we will be talking about certain foods that are bad for your skin and which you should, by any means, avoid if you want clear, fresh, and pretty skin.

However, people should know that there is some good news after all. You are the master of your own temple, your body. You can control what you eat and balance out your diet so that you acquire that fabulous complexion everyone is looking for. Cut back on certain foods, and you might just see a change for the better right away. You should not completely cut them out of your diet, especially if you like eating them very much. Still, be careful about how much and how frequently you eat these foods. Here are some of the most harmful foods for your skin. Enjoy!

1. Sugar

Sugar is probably your worst enemy when it comes to having a clear complexion. By always giving sugar to your body, you might develop acne or fuel the acne that you already have. So, according to experts, removing sugar from your diet is the way to go, especially if you want to get rid of redness and inflammation on your face. Also, here’s a trick! Always look for sugar even on the labels of products that you wouldn’t expect to contain it. You might have a big surprise!

2. Processed foods

Everyone should know that eating highly-processed junk foods that contain a lot of preservatives and additives is very bad for you. It’s also extremely bad for your skin. The idea is that your blood-sugar levels spike each time you ingest something like chips, white bread, soda, fries, or sweets. In turn, this increase stimulates your hormones to produce more oil that can clog your pores and make the skin look saggy and aging.

3. Caffeine

Seeing how almost everyone drinks coffee or drinks that contain caffeine, it’s not hard to realize why so many people have skin issues. This is also one of the foods that are bad for your skin. The thing here is that caffeine has a tendency of dehydrating you. This harshly affects your skin’s elasticity collagen levels. In time, this makes your skin look older, saggy, and increases the number of your wrinkles. Still, if you cannot do anything without your daily dose of caffeine, also drink eight glasses of water throughout the day. This will balance the hydration levels.

4. Dairy

Usually, those incredibly-painful, unpleasant and lingering blemishes, called cystic breakouts, are a sign that you are getting more dairy than you actually need. In turn, your skin acts as an excretory system that tries to get rid of it. Dairy usually comes out on your face in the form of cystic breakouts. The solution? Consume dairy, but in small quantities.

In conclusion

So, what did you think about our article on foods that are bad for your skin? Did you know all of them? Are you fan of any of them? Tell us your opinions down below!
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