Theoretically, following a diet sounds simple enough. You just need to eat healthy things and regularly exercise. But then you find yourself in that circle of terror and you notice that you haven’t lost a pound. Why? Because losing weight is not as simple as everyone thinks! Diet and exercise are both tricky and must be done right. If not, they’re done in vain. We know that feeling when the scale hasn’t moved an inch and you feel like you want to throw it out and go grab a pizza. But don’t panic! We have asked some experts what are the most common diet mistakes that people make and don’t even realize.

So, it’s important to read abut these common mistakes and to realize how many of them you are making in your diet. Losing weight is a long journey which required patience and determination. The results won’t come in one day, but it’s important for you to do everything you can for you goal. Temptations are everywhere but think about the way you will feel when you finally reach your weight loss goal. Have we inspired you to continue with your diet? If yes, read more about diet mistakes below. If not, continue reading anyway!

1.      Snacks are calories too

According to fitness and nutrition coach Chris Mosier, people often “forget” to add their bit-sized snacks to their list of calories. He says that usually, a client’s meal log contains only breakfast, lunch and dinner. That it obviously not complete because most of them snack during the day. The thing is that these tiny snacks still add up and let’s not talk about soda, alcohol, and other beverages. To avoid doing this you can download a calorie-tracking app to remember to add everything you eat on the list of calories.

2.      A cheat day should not be too crazy

Celebrity trainer Joey Thurman says that a cheat day once every week is actually a beneficial routine for your diet. In certain cases, it can even boost your metabolism. However, most people exaggerate during their cheat day and turn everything into an eating contest. That shouldn’t be the case! Eating too much in one day can make you sick and you might even feel very bloated over the next following days. And let’s not talk about the huge calorie intake that will erase any progress you’ve made in your diet like a sponge erases chalk on a blackboard. So, the secret it to maintain a balance even when you’re eating unhealthy things.

3.      You don’t switch up your workouts!

This is one of the most common mistakes everyone makes when working out. After a while, they notice that they no longer have the results they wanted or reach a plateau. That it because doing the same thing over and over again makes our bodies adjust and they stop progressing. So, switch up your workouts every now and then, just to keep your body working.

4.      Lack of sleep and stress are your enemies

Many people still don’t realize that things like not getting enough sleep or being stressed keep you from losing weight. Make sure to get enough sleep and try to relax a bit if you want to become slimmer. Otherwise it won’t work, and you will feel very disappointed.

Summing it all up

So, what did you think about those expert diet mistakes that people often make? Are you one of those people? Tell us if you will revise your routine and behavior in the comments section!

Image source: pixabay