Usually, these intricate designs that can be done on long nails get all the attention. Social media platforms are full of these complex nail art designs and most of the times, women are tempted to draw inspiration from them. Sadly, they forget that short nails can look equally amazing, especially with a pretty manicure. And then there’s the habit of displaying the newest nail trends on long nails, which might not be that fair. Because we want to break that habit, we have prepared some beautiful and easy nail art designs for short nails that you can try out today.

Short nail art designs are perfect for those women who do not want to become the slaves of acrylic nails, who have weak nails that break and cannot be kept long, or who are nail biters (if this is the case, you should stop immediately!). Don’t worry! In this article we will prove that short nails are equally fabulous if you know how to choose the perfect designs for them. So, here are some of the prettiest and easiest nail art designs for short nails that will make everyone want to copy them. Enjoy!

1.      The galaxy nails

You might already be familiar with that amazing and very popular galaxy nail art trend, which translated into designs for clothes and makeup too. And you’ve probably only seen it on long nails. Well, we want to inform you that this beautiful design also looks very cute on short nails. Moreover, it might look even more natural like this because you can see the little stars better. To create that design which imitates a galaxy, simply use the tip of a toothpick and play with colors and shapes, after first applying a black nail polish base all over the nail. Finish it off with a clear top coat.

2.      The marble nails

Again, where have you seen marble nails? Of course, on long nails! We usually don’t like to repeat ourselves, but in this case, we need to. The marble nail design looks equally incredible on short nails too. Actually, this is a delicate design that’s mostly destined for brides and a bride won’t probably want to wear some extremely long nails during her big day when she wants to be comfortable. This is the perfect alternative for such an occasion. You can also add some gold geometric shapes over the marble design to make the manicure even more special. Apart from this, color combinations are allowed too, like a nude or a light grey simple nail, combined with the beautiful marble design.

3.      The dark nails

It should not be a shock for anyone that dark-colored nail polish looks the best on short nails. And you don’t have to listen to rock and metal to wear such a manicure. Dark nails have now entered the classy territory and are more popular than ever. Don’t want to be too goth at the office? Choose dark shades of purple, blue, or green and leave the black for other occasions.

Wrapping it all up

So, what did you think of our list of easy nail art designs for short nails? Are you now feeling more secure about your nails? Will you try some of these designs? Show us your results down below!

Image source: Flickr