When you are looking for new inspiring ideas on manicures, the online environment, and social media networks are the best resources you should consider. From Instagram accounts to YouTube vloggers, there are plenty of resources when it comes to creative nails. Thousands of great artistic photos are uploaded every day. To amaze others with your unique style, you should definitely follow the accounts described below.

Best Online Resources for Creative Nails

doing someone's manicure

1. NovaNailsInc

This channel was launched in 2012, by a freelance nail artist. She had the sole purpose of inspiring others and sharing her ideas on manicures. After all, this is what she does best. Her brand is still in the creation process, and it is one you should follow if you want to keep yourself updated with nail trends. It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced nail artist or you just want to look for inspiration. This is a great channel to subscribe to.

2. SeizeTheNail

Bella is a great nail artist to follow, especially if you have long nails, or you love complex manicure designs. She not only redefines the concept of creative nails but she also draws small art pieces on each of her nails. Because she is a generous artist, she also promotes other nail designers’ works. If you send her a picture of your manicure using hashtag seizethenail, Bella might even feature you on Fridays.

3. Cutepolish

This YouTube channel has revolutionized the nail industry, becoming a true phenomenon. If you love nail polish, you will certainly adore this account. Miri shares plenty of useful and creative nail tutorials with her almost 3 million followers. From easy-to-make cute nails for beginners to more complex designs and even nail care tips, this account offers you everything you need to know about a perfect manicure.

4. ChelseaQueen

Chelsea is a nail trendsetter. On her Instagram account, you will find plenty of tips and tricks for perfect creative nails. She is into graphic details and unusual patterns. All her followers are amazed at how great she manages to create such a wide range of designs. Her work was featured in Glamour and MTV Style. Chelsea has always been a huge fan of art, especially painting. Now, she uses nails as her canvas.

5. So_Nailicious

Your reaction when you see this complex website will be amazing. Anything you can imagine about nails you will find here, from nail care tips to manicure tutorials and nail polish recommendations. Maria puts passion and dedication into her nail work. She is present all over the Internet, from Instagram and YouTube to Facebook and other networks. Once you arrive on her website, you will see it is half-blog, half-magazine. It is the perfect combination of practical tips and creative editorials.

Wrapping It Up

It is quite difficult to keep a short list of creative nails hubs when there are so many talented artists out there. These are our favorite manicure inspirational sources, based on their complexity and wide design ranges. Every time you want to try a new pattern or an original idea, you can visit these social media accounts and get inspired. Follow these trends, apply them, and reveal that little fashionista you got inside of you.

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