These celebrity beauty secrets will teach you that you have to do some weird things to look good. You can easily try these stars’ beauty tips at home. All celebrities want to look young and beautiful at any event they go to. Some say they use unconventional beauty and health treatments to look perfect.

However, they do not exclude the use of very expensive facials or surgical treatments. But many Hollywood stars prefer to try alternative beauty solutions to make them have beautiful hair and skin.

Check out some amazing celebrity beauty secrets

Chloe Grace Moretz washes her face with olive oil

Chloe Grace Moretz confesses that she uses olive oil to wash her face. She argues that she has problems with cystic acne. That is why she has a clean diet and uses Accutane to keep it under control.

Dermatologists argue that food-grade oils can help clear your skin. However, if you want to use this trick, make sure that you choose cold-pressed varieties.

Gwyneth Paltrow gets stung by bees

Gwyneth Paltrow argues that her secret beauty treatment is being stung by bees. This is known as apitherapy. This practice involves being stung by bees whose venom can treat inflammation, scarring, arthritis and many other diseases. Paltrow confesses that even it is very efficient, this practice is also very painful.

Alessandra Ambrosio burns off her damaged hair ends

Alessandra Ambrosio says she burns off her split ends. This technique is called velaterapia. Instead of regularly cutting her hair, she uses candle cutting. A method like this originates in Brazil, using a flame to burn off her damaged hair ends.

To apply this method, you divide dry hair into a section, twist it and run a flame along the damaged hairs. Nevertheless, hairstylists do not agree with this practice. A specialist says that velaterapia damages the hair cuticle and exposes the cortex layer. Basically, the clear coat that protects your hair is gone.

Demi Moore at an event

Some celebrity beauty secrets may sound weird, but they seem to work.

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Salma Hayek puts food in her hair

Salma Hayek claims that she uses mayonnaise and avocado to treat brittle and dry hair. Even if these foods do not have a pleasant smell, she continues to use them because she is happy with the results. Hayek also confesses using egg yolk with a few drops of lemon to get rid of the smell. These techniques help her maintain her hair hydrated.

Ariel Winter contours her butt

We all know that makeup trick called contouring, but we use it for face and cleavage. Ariel Winter posted a picture of her and a makeup artist who contours her butt. We don’t know for sure what she uses for this technique, but some makeup artists claim that self-tanner is perfect if you want to develop the illusion of curves.

Demi More detoxifies with leeches

Demi More admitted she uses leeches to detoxify her blood and to look beautiful and healthy. Specialists indicate that these medical worms are mainly used in reconstructive and plastic surgery. Leeches secrete an anticoagulant which increases blood flow, preventing blood clots.

Summing up

These crazy celebrity beauty secrets can help you have a healthy skin, a clean complexion, and a beautiful hair. If you really want to try one of these tricks, make sure you ask a specialist’s opinion first.