Women have used cosmetics to enhance their beauty for thousands of years. From the crimson lips of ancient Roman women to the Marilyn Monroe-inspired red lipstick, the history of cosmetics is tightly intertwined with humanity. However, how many are aware of the animal cruelty involved in testing some of the most popular products? Thankfully, there are cosmetic products with a conscience trying to beautify women without harming the environment.

More women are becoming aware of the darker side of the cosmetic industry. Therefore, it’s no surprise they look for chemical-free makeup kits that contain organic ingredients. And evidently, women want to take no part in animal cruelty, so brands have to deliver according to the demand. If you’re trying to “green” your beauty products, here is a list of cosmetic brands with a conscience. Buying their products won’t weigh on your conscience.

1. Everyday Minerals

Ranking high among cruelty-free beauty brands, Everyday Minerals is also dedicated to making women feel beautiful without chemicals. Working only with the finest essential ingredients, the brand offers virtually every handmade beauty product on the market. Real botanicals and pure minerals are at the foundation of their products. Not testing on animals is part of the company’s creed, but that’s not all. Everyday Minerals also packs their organic beauty products in creative and eco-friendly ways that allow easy recycling. You’ll feel pampered and cared for with their super-soft, pure vegan products, so order your free samples today. (You will have to foot the shipping bill, however).

2. Beauty Counter

Launched in 2013, this LA-based brand first got in the public’s eye by receiving the GOOP seal of approval. According to their website, Beauty Counter creates toxin-free, natural products while offering their customers complete transparency of ingredients. The successful company distributes its products through several independent consultants. Beauty Counter also contributes to various organizations. It donates $10 on behalf of every member to the Breast Cancer Fund, the Environmental Working Group, and the Healthy Child Healthy World.

3. Adorn Cosmetics

This is your brand if you live in Australia and you’re looking for the best natural cosmetic company. Manufacturing in Australia as well, Adorn Cosmetics promises to deliver completely natural, toxic-free, organic beauty products. They don’t conduct testing on animals, either. Both PETA and Halal have approved them, if you were still in doubt about their authenticity. Also, the company does not use parabens, glutens or artificial fragrances. Their formulas are ultra-light and come in minimal packaging. Adorn Cosmetics provides a $10 discount to users returning their cosmetic containers for refills.

cosmetic products with a conscience

4. Korres

A brand that uses only organic and natural ingredients, Korres offers some of the best skincare products. What’s more, the company is also eco-friendly, only using ingredients grown in native places. In addition to the fact that the production process doesn’t disrupt the environment, the company’s factory uses 100% renewable energy.

5. Pacifica

Known as the most sustainable cosmetic brand, Pacifica takes the definition of natural beauty to a whole new level. In addition, the company uses only 100% vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty-free cosmetic ingredients. Pacifica’s mission is to rebrand the idea of completely natural beauty products by making theirs from the safest ingredients. Striving to reach more eco-aware consumers, the brand also uses completely recyclable packaging.

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