We are still at the beginning of a new year, so you can still begin to accomplish some of those resolutions that you set back in January. What were those again? Lose weight, exercise more, eat healthier, save money? Well, if taking better care of your skin was not on that list, you should add it now. We know that there are a lot of products and masks out there that promise to do wonders when it comes to your skin. However, it is now time to look over to a market that has invaded the world and we are glad it did. Korean beauty products are everywhere right now and are the best new things. However, maybe the most important and promising skin care trend that should be your new obsession in 2018 is the cloudless skin one.

It sounds nice, but what does it mean exactly? Firstly, everyone who may want to try this new skin care trend should know that it doesn’t consist of one single method or product. Actually, it’s an entire skin care practice with step that you need to follow in order to get that cloudless skin. Secondly, this type of skin does not mean an acne-free one. It’s more about having healthy, glowy and overall happy skin. The focal point of this practice is cleaning the dirt from your pores therefore maintaining your skin healthy without applying too many harsh products.

The “glass skin”

There is actually another name for the cloudless skin trend and that is “glass skin”. This actually consists of a step-by-step skin care routine that will make your skin clean and offer it that glossy and clear appearance. There are a few steps that you should know and apply to get perfect skin:

1.       Cleanse your skin with a product that doesn’t dry out or strip your skin.

2.       Then, apply a hydrating toner as a preparation for the skin and to get it ready for all the other layers that you will apply.

3.       Use an essence that will make your skin brighter and will soothe it.

4.       Finally, use a generous amount of moisturizer. This will lock in all those previous layers of moisture and is the main ingredient for that glass-like and cloudless skin.

The cloudless skin concept is not only very interesting but extremely useful and easy to do. Sure, it’s a routine, which means that you should do it every single day in order for you to see the results. Also, apart from offering you that perfect, clean and happy skin, it also works amazingly well as an anti-aging method too. All that moisture stops the appearance or the evolution of wrinkles. The cloudless skin method is perfect for those cold days when the skin needs extra moisture. Then, you will only need to swiftly make the transition into spring and summer days.

In conclusion

So, what do you think about this new Korean trend of cloudless skin? Are you willing to invest the time to follow it for that perfect skin? We say it’s worth it. What do you think? Leave us a comment down below!

Image source: flickr