Hair loss is one of the most frustrating cosmetic afflictions of the modern day. It affects women too up to a point, but the main victims on its undesirable effects are still men. While balding and receding hairlines are somewhat to be expected as we age, no one likes to lose their hair. Most of us would go to extreme lengths to preserve it. Before you consider an extreme hair loss treatment procedure (like hair transplants), you should know that there are a few non-invasive options which can help.

These are our top 5 picks for the best hair loss treatment for men, all of which you can buy in drugstores or hair salons. Give them a go before considering anything drastic!

1. Vichy Dercos Aminexil – Hair Loss Treatment for Men

Dercos Aminexil is the long-tried and tested line of hair products specifically designed to stop hair loss from the first signs that something is wrong. The product line contains a shampoo (fit to be used by both men and women), as well as 2 separate sets of vials with hair loss treatment serum, one for men and one for women. In our experience, it’s the best hair loss treatment for men currently on the market, considering its low price range as well. You can read more on the version for men here.

2. Vichy Dercos Neogenic – Hair Growth Stimulation (Unisex)

This second option, also from Vichy, is a relatively new line of products, meant to stimulate the hair regrowth after the proper measures to stop hair loss have been carried out. It’s a wonderful treatment to apply in order to prevent hair loss in the future, and even to regrow your freshly lost follicles. The treatment is significantly pricier than the simple hair loss treatment, Aminexil (featured above), but several reviewers and clinical trials swear by its efficiency. Again, the Neogenic line consists of a shampoo and a set of vials with serum.

3. Rogaine – an FDA-approved molecule

Historically, this is the first substance approved by the FDA as indeed having verifiable anti-hair loss properties. Initially used to treat high blood pressure in men, Rogaine quickly proved its remarkable effectiveness in treating male pattern boldness. It is taken in the form of pills, but only with a prescription from your doctor.

4. Finasteride – the second FDA-approved molecule

Again, just like Rogaine, this substance is meant to be ingested as prescription pills. It was initially meant to treat prostrate problems. But then, researchers discovered that Finasteride has remarkable hair loss treatment effects as well. You can ask your doctor for a prescription, but just as for Rogaine, you should be aware that any drug may come with side effects.

5. Ecrinal Hair Loss Treatment for Men – Ampoules

The last stop on our list is another set of ampoules (vials with serum to be applied directly on the scalp). This Ecrinal treatment set is meant to deliver visible results after just 2 months of use. Its combination of ANP 2+ (a powerful hair growth activator molecule) with several plant extracts and vitamins will keep your hair healthy and thick.

Image source: here.