So, apparently you should learn how to store beauty products without relying solely on the indications on the label. It seems that just a simple “store in a cool place” isn’t nearly enough to make the best of your beauty products through proper storage alone. This is what the experts you’ll find below are here to tell you. Grab your makeup bag and your stash of perfumes and buckle up – it’s time for a reorganizing spree.

4 Experts Offer Advice on How to Store Beauty Products

#1 Deanne Kaczerski and Lindsay Dreyer

It’s impossible to separate the two of them since their conjoined forces are keeping their MIMI section of InStyle afloat. The duo spoke in an interview for Motto about their beauty product storage habits.

“I have separate glass jars for my clear hair ties, my black hair ties, Q-tips, makeup sponges, cotton balls,” says Kaczerski. “Everything is in their little jars. I keep five to six jars in a shelf on its own, then I have all my brushes in a bamboo container and a shelf just for all my serums and lotions.”

On the other hand, Dreyer suggests, “Put your products in order of how you use them—so when you get out of shower, you use toner first and then serum and then you moisturize and so on.”

#2 Petra Guglielmetti

Glamour contributor and fashionista Petra Guglielmetti has a recommendation that could be the saving grace of every woman struggling to find a place for her hair products. She recommends… hanging them up!

“This roomy (and cute!) woven Ikea Nordrana organizer alternates smaller and larger compartments, making it perfect for keeping different-size supplies within reach,” writes Guglielmetti in her Glamour post titled 12 Easy Ways to Organize Your Beauty Products. “Another awesome option? This industrial-chic door organizer.”

#3 Ni’Kita Wilson

Cosmetic chemist Ni’Kita Wilson knows plenty about the composition of your beauty products and what may trigger unwanted reactions in all of them. She shared her knowledge in a collaborative article with Refinery 29 where she talked about the best (and strangest) ways to store your makeup and other likewise items. One of the most interesting points she made was on fragrances, which you should try to keep… in your fridge!

“[Fragrances] are fickle — they are made of up to 100 different tiny components — and those components can be very sensitive,” explains Wilson. “So, if you like the fragrance and you don’t want it to shift, I would recommend you not keep it in the bathroom…and because [most bottles] are clear, don’t keep it in direct sunlight.”

In fact, there are plenty other beauty products which could resist longer if stored in the fridge – liquid foundation being another prime example.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, knowing how to store beauty products is something that goes beyond keeping your belongings out of direct sunlight. Pretty much everyone knows this at some point. But how many labels tell you how to physically organize all these products? Therefore, this is what the expert advice from above was for.