Every year begins with that dreadful list of resolutions that most will never happen. Or at least during the following year. And you should not be ashamed to admit that losing weight was most of the times at the top of that list, every year. However, making sure that you choose the best diet for you is hard work. Surely, you should not start any diet before talking with a dietician, but still, looking at all those recipes and trends is hard work. You suddenly feel lost, stop thinking that you have a chance to lose some of that weight, and in the end, you give up. Well, this is not the way to go.

Everyone should know that weight loss is only healthy when you support your body with healthy food and good exercise. So please, do not believe that a certain diet will make pounds disappear because it’s most certainly a myth. This is exactly the reason why we have decided to detail some weight loss trends that will most certainly be big this year. You can try them, or you can simply read them. Just remember, talk with an expert before deciding to follow any of them. Let’s begin!

1.      Flowers are the new best thing

Yes, it sounds weird but when you discover all the details of this weight loss trend, it starts to actually make sense. All women love flowers. We like to receive them, to offer them, and we like to simply look at them in our houses and gardens. But who would have thought that we might one day eat them? The idea is to add whole foods or only petals to foods in order to infuse them with that fresh and botanical flavor. Just think about lavender latte and hibiscus tea. We are already kind of eating them, right? Best-selling author Michael Pollan thinks that we should not eat too much food and consume mostly plants. In one of his books, he talks about the intersection of nature and culture. Interesting, right?

2.      Start drinking vinegars

You heard that right! It seems that vinegars are actually very good for our overall health. Recently, researchers have found that it reduces the level of blood sugar after eating carbohydrates. In turn, this also reduces our cravings for carbs. Moreover, according to Jen McDaniel, registered dietician and spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, when you combine vinegar with foods rich in carbs, the complete digestion of starch is inhibited. This process helps support our immunity and digestion. You can try any type of vinegar, from simple to flavored.

3.      Baby quinoa enters the culinary world

Lisa Dierks, RDN, LD, and a wellness dietitian at the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program says that experts are always on the look for new and exciting things to add to the culinary world. Baby quinoa is that exciting thing in 2018. It seems that baby quinoa actually has more protein than the normal version. This means that it will keep you full for longer, making you lose some of that weight. Baby quinoa it is then!

Wrapping it all up

Finally, we would love to hear your opinions on these new weight loss trends that will surely be big in 2018. Some might sound bizarre, but experts think that they will work. What do you think?

Image source: pixabay