With spring almost here, at least theoretically speaking, it’s time to adapt our look to match the sun. And seeing how nature is blooming right now, it’s normal for us to try and keep up the pace, especially when it comes to our makeup looks and nail art. Speaking of nail art, the entire fashion and beauty industry has been inspired lately by the flowers surrounding us. And what better chance we have to incorporate those colorful petals into our look than with floral nail art?

This is exactly why we have decided to show you three of the prettiest and easiest to make floral nail art options that will surely make you the star of every event you will attend. While there are a lot of options to choose from, we have chosen the most interesting three floral nail art designs for you to rock this spring. Eager to find out more about them? Check them out below!

1.      The dark rose

This floral nail art design is easy to make but very effective when worn. It’s elegant and more suited for nighttime events. The only thing you’ll need are two colors of nail polish of your choice. It would be ideal to use two complementary colors because it will make the look more structured. Pain your two middle fingers in one color, while the others in the other color. Then, on those two middle fingers you will need to carefully paint the rose petals with the color on your other nails, preferably a darker one. You don’t need fancy tools, as you can easily create the petals with the tip of a toothpick. Let the design dry and apply a top coat to make sure that the roses will stay there.

2.      Clear flowers

This second floral nail art design is also very easy to make as it is mainly based on your inspiration and talent. Paint your nails with a clear base coat. Then, using a toothpick begin drawing different petals and leaves belonging to different flowers. The design needs to be colorful and happy, so don’t worry about doing them perfectly. Paint poppies, roses, lilies, tulips or any other flower you like. After the design has dried down, apply a top coat. Now you have a splendid floral design on your nails that everyone will envy, especially in the spring time.

3.      Sunflower-mania

The last floral design that we will show you is a simple yet very beautiful choice, especially if you like sunflowers. Preferably, you should use matte nail polishes or apply a matte top coat because this is what makes this look unique. Alternate between the white and the black nail polishes on your nails. On your two middle nails you should then draw sunflowers with yellow and brown. One should go on a black nail, while the other on a white or striped nail, it’s your choice. Finish it off with a matte top coat and enjoy the beauty of the sunflowers!

Sunflowers on nails

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Wrapping it all up

So, these were three of the most interesting and trendy floral nail art designs that are so in this spring. What did you think? Are they easy enough to do? Will you try them? Let us know below!

Image source: freegreatpicture