Do you know what a trend we could really get behind is? Turtle manicure designs. That’s not a pseudonym for a strange style of nail painting. No, it’s pretty much what you’d expect judging by the name alone. As inspired by the beloved and cherished animals called turtles, some truly creative people kicked off a trend which reproduces the patterns, models, and colors that characterize a turtle. Basically, if it makes you think of a turtle, you’re doing it right.

And because we’re super excited for this to become the next big thing, here are some amazing and concrete ideas that you can seek inspiration from for your next manicure.

Top 10 Ides for Turtle Manicure Designs

#1 Baby Turtles


This is about as basic and straightforward as you can get. On one hand, you have a cute turtle on a blue canvas. On the other, you have the simple pattern. Alternating these two will provide a fantastic dynamic to your manicure.

#2 Pink and Black Sea Turtles


You definitely don’t have to spend time drawing the shapes yourself, especially if you don’t consider yourself to be particularly good at it. Luckily, you have stickers such as the ones in the picture that you can quickly plaster over your nails.

#3 Swimming Turtle Figure


Grab your shades of blue and start replicating the vibes of the ocean, bringing it to life on your nails. And to make this into a turtle manicure, all you need is a simple shape like the one displayed above.

#4 Summer Turtle Vibes


Even though these aren’t necessarily colors you typically see on a turtle, this design is eerily reminiscent of the creatures even without the obvious shape.

#5 Teenage Mutant Neon Turtles


Everyone is familiar with the pattern on a turtle’s shell, right? Then go the easy route and reproduce it.

#6 A Turtle and Its Sea


You only need three shades of blue, one shade of green, and this picture for reference. Voila, a turtle manicure!

#7 Disco Turtles


As long as the shape is there, you don’t even have to worry about the colors you use. Just make your turtles pink, and orange, and purple, like in the picture above.

#8 Green Gradient Shimmer


This gorgeous look works incredibly well even on its own. The glittery green clashes amazingly with the white polish while the shapes of turtles are simply the cute cherry on top of this cake.

#9 Gold Refinement


Golden nails? Yes, please. You can make even a turtle design classy if you do it like in the picture above.

#10 A Touch of Shimmer


If you want to do something different with the pattern, try keeping holographic and shimmery nail polishes nearby. You’ll definitely get a super cool-looking final result.

Wrapping Up

Turtles have once again proven to be the best things in the world. What other animal can achieve something like turtle manicure designs? Leopards, go away. We said there are no other animals that have managed to achieve this feat.