Terrapin Ridge Farms Sriracha Mayo: Review

Terrapin Ridge Farms Sriracha mayo

One of my favorite restaurants in the world is Chili’s. My husband has been taking me there since we started dating because I can’t get enough of their Tex Mex bowls. We don’t really go out to eat that much. When we do I’m not all that adventurous and I think that’s what always leads us back to Chili’s. I occasionally order other things on their menu...but a majority of the time I just gotta get my Tex Mex fix. It’s actually a really simple mix of rice, beans, chicken or steak, avocado and a delicious chipotle lime sauce. Simple, but so good. I love cooking and I’ve been thinking of trying my hand at making this myself. But I thought it would be kind of cool to put my own twist on it!

Lately, it seems like there are so many different food trends. Apparently avocados have ten times more uses than we originally thought. Not to mention various kinds of kombucha, activated charcoal foods and desserts, and sriracha. I have to say, probably my favorite trend by far has been the sriracha. It is so good and I love to put it on anything and everything. I heard about a sauce made by Terrapin Ridge Farms and it peaked my interest. It is a sriracha mayo with great flavor and it’s supposed to be a fantastic finishing sauce for any meal! It sounds like it could be a really awesome new flavor for a homemade Tex Mex bowl! But first I want to see what it’s all about!

Things to Consider When Trying Terrapin Ridge Farms Sriracha Mayo

With any kind of food item, there are a few things you want to focus on when you are picking out the right condiment or sauce for your dish. What kind of flavor is it supposed to have? Is this what I’m looking to put on this type of food? I know some people have certain dish ideas in mind while they are searching for a sauce. In this case, I want to give you an idea of just what flavor, quality and ingredients you will find here!

  • Taste: This is definitely more of a spicy sauce. These Sriracha mayos are typically very mild in flavor and spice. However, in this case, more people seemed to enjoy the extra kick with every bite!

  • Ingredients: Terrapin Ridge obviously knew what they were doing when they carefully crafted this sauce. It is made with sunflower seed oil and olive oil, rather than soybean oil. Not to mention quality seasonings like cayenne pepper, garlic powder, paprika and mustard flour. The extra flavor probably comes from the added ingredients of Dijon mustard, white wine and lemon, for a zesty tang. I think those last three ingredients will definitely set the flavor of this sauce apart from others!

  • Affordability: So I originally found this item on Amazon and I will be adding that link to this review by the end. But you actually can get this item at a much cheaper price for a single bottle on the actual website for this brand. If you intend to buy the 6-pack you will be getting a great deal on Amazon. But I don’t think I would recommend it if you’re only getting one.

  • Quality: From what I can tell, this has fantastic quality. It comes in the same kind of bottle you might find in a classic deli style diner. Easy squeeze without any mess at all. Not to mention I love the list of ingredients. They definitely put some serious thought into them. When looking into a condiment you will definitely find the quality of the product in the quality of the ingredients they choose to use.

  • Uses: The best thing about the sriracha mayo is the fact that they can honestly be used on anything. This one is recommended as a finishing sauce. So maybe more like a barbecue sauce. Not really meant for marinating. It is more designed to add the delicious finishing touch to your hot wings, sandwich, or even Tex Mex bowl!

  • Drawbacks: I definitely think you need to watch the prices, depending where you get this item. On Amazon, a single bottle is half the price of what you would be paying for a whole 6 bottles. But on the Terrapin Ridge website, you can get a single bottle for a fantastic price. I have no idea what makes a single bottle so expensive on Amazon. This certainly makes me feel the importance of always touching all my bases when it comes to pricing out products on different websites!

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Who Should Buy This Product

If you have been interested in sriracha mayo but can never find anything with enough flavor and spice, this could be what you’re looking for. I am always looking for something spicy, but I never seem to get it with sriracha. But I’m definitely interested in this product! Not only does it have the spice I’m looking for, but it also has a unique flavor. The citrus of the lemon is a nice unique touch. While this might not be a vegan condiment, I still think they took great care with their ingredients! It might contain eggs, which I know is an unavoidable fault in this product if you are looking for something totally vegan. Terrapin Ridge Farms took great care in picking the right ingredients for their sauce. It has all natural spices and touches of a few different kinds of flavors that make this very unique and very flavorful! So if you are looking for a sriracha mayo that is set apart from the rest, this is certainly a great choice!

Who Shouldn't Buy This Product

If you are not partial to spicy flavors, I would not recommend this one for you. It has a bold smokey spicy to it, according to some customers. It is made with red chili’s and they make sure that you could really taste the spice from these peppers! The thing about sriracha mayo is the fact that there are a whole lot of them on the market. It can make it really hard to know which one to get. It’s honestly kind of hard to even fathom how many different kinds there are! The biggest complaint I see is the fact that these products either have too much spice or not enough. It is really hard to make everyone happy! But if you are usually complaining about a product being way too spicy, this is not going to be your favorite sriracha mayo. Terrapin Ridge Farms Sriracha mayo isn’t anything ridiculous, but it is spicier than some of the others we have been reviewing. Just keep that in mind. That could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your tastebuds!

Terrapin Ridge Farms Sriracha Mayo

Terrapin Ridge Farms is a great brand with a lot to choose from. We decided on their Sriracha Mayo for this list, but you never know, we might look into their other products too! This product has great ingredients and fantastic flavor. It will go great with just about anything you put it on so your options are wide open! I believe they call this an aioli sauce because it has such a bold mix of flavors it’s almost unexplainable. It has a kick of heat, a zest of citrus, a touch of mustard, a breath of garlic and the creaminess of mayo. Explaining it really doesn’t do it justice. This is the kind of sauce that needs to be tasted to be truly appreciated!


  • Great ingredients
  • Unique flavor
  • Contains a bolder spice


  • Can be on the pricey side
  • You might not like the extra spice

  • Some complained about added citrus
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Features and Benefits 

As I do with most all of my product reviews, I just wanted to point out the perks of this product. Just think of them as the individual incentives I see to buying this product. Some of you might think these are great perks, others might not be impressed at all. Either way that is totally fine! I just want to give you the rundown of the fantastic qualities of our products.

  • Terrapin Ridge Farms really focuses on flavor. They don’t just want to copy every other sauce like this. They want to set it apart and make it great for what it is. That means a bold and unique flavor!

  • This product was made in the USA. I like to mention this for those of you who like to support local business. My Dad has always been that person in my life who tries to focus on American made products when they’re available to him. Considering he actually loves sriracha products I should tell him about this one.

  • This is a spicier variety of sriracha mayo than some of you might be expecting. It has a little more heat from the cayenne than a lot of others. This is actually a huge perk for some and a huge negative for others. If you enjoy extra spice like me and most of my family do, you’re in business! Keep in might that it isn’t anything extreme by any standard, it is just more than some. Without compromising the flavor!

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  • One of the absolute best qualities of a sriracha mayo is the fact that it can be used on just about anything. Burgers, salads, pasta salads, chicken, steak, fries, stir fry. The list goes on and on. It’s pretty incredible! I personally want to make my own version of a Tex Mex bowl with rice, beans, steak, avocado and a drizzle of this delicious sauce.

  • Terrapin Ridge Farms weren’t messing around when they decided to make this sauce. It has fantastic ingredients. They all come together to make bold flavor. All without any kinds of flavor enhancers. While it doesn’t seem to claim that it is all natural, I certainly think this is made with great ingredients. It doesn’t contain soy. That is nearly unavoidable in most other sriracha mayo products! Instead of using soybean oil, they thought to use both sunflower seed oil and olive oil instead.

  • Similar to most other sriracha and mayonnaise products, this is gluten free. There are a lot people these days who can’t consume any gluten for health reasons. It can limit you in terms of what you can eat pretty drastically. But while you might not be able to eat a sandwich with this sauce, it will go great with just about anything gluten free!

  • I would certainly recommend getting a single bottle on the Terrapin Ridge Farms website, but if you are buying in bulk feel free to use Amazon! Either way this can be a very affordable product if you play your cards right!

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Social Proof

Overall, this was a very well received product. Because it has such a unique flavor, people really loved it. When you look for a sriracha mayo, you are of course looking for a little heat, a little hint of garlic and the creaminess of the mayonnaise. But sometimes you wish that someone would go even further and make this an even better flavor. Add a unique twist. That is exactly what Terrapin Ridge Farms did! This has more heat, a citrus zing and note of garlic, all wrapped up in the flavor of sriracha and the creaminess of the mayonnaise. This seems to be a favorite for quite a few customers because they were looking for a sriracha mayo that had more flavor. Some of the other ones they tried were super mild and didn’t add as much to their food as they were hoping for. This was different, packed full of flavor and just what they were looking for.


JUST is a great brand with a fantastic goal of bringing you very affordable and delicious condiments. They actually have a lot of different options, but their sriracha mayo is one of the best. It is non-GMO, vegan, kosher, gluten free and contains no artificial flavors. It is also a marvelous price for a 12oz squeeze bottle! It makes adding this to your food super simple and a total no brainer.

Who Would Buy This Product

JUST is the perfect product for any vegan who has a hard time finding the perfect condiments. Most mayonnaise products are egg yolk based for the perfect creamy consistency. In this case, they can get the perfect smooth product by using Canadian Yellow Peas, rather than egg yolks. If you want something vegan, with high quality ingredients and a great flavor, this is a phenomenal option for you!

JUST vs Terrapin Ridge Farms: Sriracha Mayo Comparison

  • JUST isn’t too spicy

  • JUST is super affordable and comes in a bigger bottle

  • Terrapin Ridge contains sunflower seed oil and no soy

  • Both are considered non-GMO, but JUST does contain modified food starches

  • JUST has no cholesterol

JUST is a wonderful brand and is really well known. It is the perfect spicy vegan condiment! Some say it could use a little more spice, since it leans more towards tasting like mayo or garlic. But it is made with quality ingredients, contains less calories per serving, and is dairy free. If you’ve been on the hunt for a good vegan sriracha mayo, look no further! You can find JUST Sriracha Mayo on Amazon for a really affordable price!

Sarayo is a one sauce kind of brand. It is really well known considering this is their only flavor! Pretty impressive if you ask me! This is another sriracha mayonnaise. It comes in a 11.8oz squeeze bottle, in a 2-pack! So for around the same price of Sir Kensington’s you can get double the product! This product is also made in the USA and it gluten free, low carb and has a light but spicy tang to it!

Who Would Buy This Product

One of the things I think draws me into the product is the fact that you can get two bottles for the price of one bottle of most other products. One for you and one for a friend, or one to store. Just in case you need some backup! So if you want something with a light but tangy spice to use all the time, this is perfect! It is also considered an umami sauce...which literally means a yummy or savory sauce. What more explanation do you really need? Sounds good to me!

Sarayo vs Terrapin Ridge Farms: Sriracha Mayo Comparison

  • Sarayo is considered a savory sauce, spicy yet tangy

  • Terrapin Ridge has a bold mix of flavors

  • Sarayo is considered low carb

  • Both are gluten free

  • Sarayo comes in a 2-pack and you get more bang for your buck

Sarayo is a fantastic option for anyone who needs a really yummy sauce for their burgers and sandwiches. This would even be wonderful to go with fish, shrimp or sushi! The goal of the product was to recreate the kind of sauces you might get in a restaurant with your sushi. This brings the delicious sauce right into the comfort of your own home! It’s affordable, low carb and has just the right amount of spice and tang! If you’re interested in the Sarayo Sriracha Mayo, you can find it for a great price on Amazon!

Musashi’s Sriracha Mayo is supposed to be a genuine Japanese sauce. The company is based in New York and this product is made in the USA. It comes in a 12oz bottle for a fantastic price. By far one of the best things about this product is the fact that it adds just the right amount of spice and flavor. Not to mention it has a really low sodium content in case that’s something you need to watch out for!

Who Would Buy This Product

This a fantastic product if you’re on a diet. The serving size is smaller, but you don’t need much to add flavor. It only has 30 calories and 20mg of sodium per teaspoon. So even if you went over that and went for a full tablespoon, this would still be a more than reasonable topping for whatever you want to put it on!

Musashi Foods vs Terrapin Ridge Farms: Sriracha Mayo Comparison

  • Terrapin Ridge is a great deal for a multi-pack

  • Musashi has a genuine Japanese Sriracha flavor

  • Terrapin Ridge has a bold flavor

  • Musashi is more diet friendly

  • Musashi is very low in salt content

If you are looking for something that has a little more bite, look no further! This is a genuine sriracha mayo flavor and it is supposed to taste so good with your sushi or fish tacos! It can really go on anything you can think of, not just seafood! If you’re interested in trying the Musashi Foods Sriracha Mayo you can find it on Amazon!


Terrapin Ridge Farms is a very cool brand with a lot of different sauce options. The Sriracha Mayo in particular is a well loved flavor. It really stands out against other brands because it is a little more unique in comparison. It is made with some great ingredients, although it doesn’t say anything about being an all natural product. The fact that it is made with sunflower seed oil and olive oil is something I really like to see. Most products are soy based. That’s fine for most products, but it is kind of inconvenient for anyone who has soy allergies or doesn’t eat soy for health reasons.

But overall I think the thing I really like about this product for my personal use is the fact that it would be perfect for my Tex Mex bowl idea! It isn’t going to be exactly like what I was getting from Chili’s but that’s okay! I want to put my own spin on it with a new flavor. The sriracha mayo would be a perfect way to do it. Not to mention the fact that this can be used on so many more things than just Tex Mex bowls! I would even put it on salads, chicken, sandwiches, rice, stir fry, pretty much whatever you can think of!

We decided that this particular sauce was in the ​good rating range. It is a really awesome product. It has good ingredients, a well established brand,  fantastic flavor and it’s made in the USA. But to be honest, I didn’t have a lot to go off of when reviewing this. There weren’t many customers reviews so it was hard to see what a wide variety of people thought about it. It also is lacking some of the perks that pushed some other sriracha mayo’s to the top of the list, like the fact that it isn’t vegan. This isn’t a big strike out though, most of these sauces aren’t because mayo is normally made with eggs.

Anyway! If you find yourself interested in the bold and spicy aioli sauce we’ve been talking about, you can get it online! Terrapin Ridge Farms Sriracha Mayo can be found on Amazon!


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