Kikkoman Sriracha Mayo: Review

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When it comes to building a really awesome sandwich you have to have a really great sauce behind it. Cue Kikkoman Sriracha Mayo! My brother can attest to that. He is the self proclaimed master of the sandwich. You see, the condiments that you choose are the flavor behind everything! I personally love a really great wrap even more than a normal sandwich. It is just so much fresher, you know?

A wrap can be any mix of your favorite of lunch meat and cheese. Right along with any combination of toppings and veggies. Whatever you can think of, because there are absolutely no boundaries to what you can do with a sandwich or wrap! But the best part in my opinion is the dressing or condiment that you add to make it to make it even tastier. Normally I just use a salad dressing of some sort. Maybe even ranch and hot sauce.

Actually, another classic combination for me is to put mayo down first. It is afterall the true foundation to every good sandwich. Then I have to stack my ingredients in a deliberate fashion. Then I finish off by adding a generous drizzle of sriracha atop the lettuce. Then wrap it up like a professional. Viola! The most delicious wrap!

But more recently, I found out that I have been doing it wrong. After all these years of careful and artfully crafting my wraps. There is actually an even better product out there I have been oblivious to this entire time. That product is sriracha mayo! Two of my favorite condiments all mixed together and ready to go! That way I can get evenly distributed flavor throughout! I recently heard about a Sriracha Mayo by Kikkoman and decided it was high time I looked into it.

Things to Consider When Trying Kikkoman Sriracha Mayo

Kikkoman is a really great brand, known better for their soy sauce than anything. But the sriracha mayo is a relatively new type of product and it is all the rage right now. But I personally had no idea sriracha mayo was even a thing until recently. But I have to say it’s probably the best thing since sliced bread. But since I don’t know much about it, I want to look into some details about it!

  • Taste: This sriracha mayo has a real kick to it. It is super flavorful for a mayonnaise. It has a sweet spice to it that will add just what you’re looking for! I personally like to add a little spice to everything I make.
  • Ingredients: Kikkoman makes their sriracha mayo with a mix of eggs, natural flavorings and spices. It does have some preservatives, but most of these products need the mix of potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate to help them last.
  • Quality: I would say this is a good quality item! It is made with natural ingredients and it is a really reputable brand that focuses on great flavor!
  • Uses: Probably one of my favorite aspects of sriracha mayo is that there isn’t really a limit to its uses. You can add it to whatever you want. From pasta salads, to sandwiches and burgers, even salads or as a dip. Since this is definitely one of the thicker varieties, it probably isn’t really made so much for dipping. It would be awesome on a burger though! There was someone in the reviews who loved this particular brand for their home cut french fries. But the possibilities are endless!
  • Drawbacks: The main drawback I see with these products are the fact that they have such a high sodium content. This one is no different. It contains 125mg of sodium per tablespoon. Not everyone is going to mind, but I would say moderation is the key here!
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Who Should Buy This Product

If you find yourself to be somewhat of a connoisseur of condiments, I would definitely recommend this! Everyone brags about the bold flavor and endless uses. I might just get it for my brother as a new sauce for his sandwiches. I once got him a variety pack of about 12 different hot sauces for Christmas. The man loves to add a little spice to his life too. The best thing about these are the fact that even if you can’t handle a lot of spice, these are usually still a favorite. The mayo balances out the spice of the sriracha beautifully.

Who Shouldn't Buy This Product

If you have to watch your sodium intake, this might not be the sauce for you. I also don’t think I would recommend it unless you really like sriracha since that’s the key ingredient. I love sriracha and so does my family. We went on a bit of a binge there for awhile. But my mom doesn’t even use it anymore even though she loves it. It just really isn’t the choice condiment if you’re on a strict diet and the mayonnaise versions aren’t much different. Some have a lot of sugar, salt, or cholesterol, it just depends on what you get.

Kikkoman Sriracha Mayo

Kikkoman Sriracha Mayo comes in a 8.5oz squeeze bottle. It’s a good price for the size because a little bit will go a long way. It has bold flavor in comparison to some other brands on the market. I would trust that because Kikkoman Soy Sauce is a go-to for me. It is so full of flavor and I’m sure to find the same thing here. It is a thick creamy condiment which makes it great on sandwiches or burgers especially, but a lot of people use it for different things. Anything from dipping their french fries in it, to adding it to maki rolls, or even putting it on hot dogs. It is a wonderful product with a lot of possibilities.


  • Bold flavor
  • The right amount of spice
  • Made by a reputable brand


  • Really thick, so not great for dipping
  • High salt content
  • Contains soy
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Features and Benefits 

I always like to give an even more detailed list of the perks to a product. I do this for just about everything when I’m trying to narrow down a product I’d like to buy. Especially if I’m unfamiliar with it!

  • Kikkoman’s is made with natural ingredients. It is a wonderful blend of mayonnaise and natural flavorings.

  • This is a pretty thick consistency for a sauce and which makes it great on sandwiches and burgers. It is creamy like a normal mayo, the only real difference will be that added spice!

  • It has a bold flavor! It has a good amount of spice, but it isn’t over the top. I think that from looking at other brands, some customers complained about some products tasting too much like mayo and not having enough flavor. But this would be a great new option for them!

  • It comes is a 8.5oz squeeze bottle. It makes it really easy to put on anything without making a mess or dirtying extra utensils.

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  • I love the fact that a condiment like this has a lot of uses. You can add it to just about anything! Not just burgers and fries either. I would add it to egg sandwiches, some really creamy spicy mac and cheese, even fish or chicken tacos. The possibilities are endless!
  • The serving sizes might seem small. But keep in mind a little bit goes a long way! So no need to smother your food. The recommended tablespoon should be plenty!
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Although I think this is a really great product, I always like to throw in a couple alternatives. Just in case this isn’t the product for you! You might have certain allergies that limit your diet. Maybe you were looking for a vegan product or even something that was more mild. Luckily I have a few suggestions and I hope you’ll like!

In this deal, you actually get two in one! Just in case you love it so much you might want to share it with a friend. Or you need one on standby because it’s just that tasty. Each bottle hold 8.5oz. It doesn’t contain any artificial colors or flavors. You don’t have to worry about high fructose corn syrup. This is a really yummy mix of mayo, sriracha chili sauce and chili garlic sauce. This is packed full of flavor and will taste awesome on pretty much anything!

Who Would Buy This Product

This will add a lot of flavor to your meal! This is actually one that I would love to try. It don’t contain any high fructose corn syrup. I know most of them don’t, but usually you can’t get this much flavor without some nasty added ingredients! Not here! This is literally a mix of three different flavors into one and it’s still just as creamy as any normal mayo. Say no more!

K!ck vs Kikkoman: Sriracha Mayo Comparison

  • K!ck is full of well rounded flavor

  • Kikkoman does not contain fish product or sulfites

  • Kikkoman is more affordable

  • K!ck comes in a 2-pack

  • Both are sriracha and go great with just about everything

This is definitely a sauce to try. It is full of flavor while still sticking to the important ground rules I have for sauces. Such as as many natural ingredients as possible and no high fructose corn syrup. If you’re interested in getting this sauce for yourself, you can find K!ck Sriracha Mayo on Amazon!

Spectrum is made with organic cage-free eggs, red jalapeno peppers and it’s yet another sauce that is packed full of flavor. This one has some kick to it, but it isn’t not too spicy and I think pretty much anyone would like it! It comes in three 11oz bottles and taste especially great with maki rolls or fish tacos.

Who Would Buy This Product

This product only comes in a 3-pack on Amazon, although you can probably find singles elsewhere. But I thought this was perfect in case you’re really looking to stock up. It’s a little expensive, so this is really for serious buyers. It comes out to about the same price as most of our other products, you just happen to be getting a lot at one time.

Spectrum vs Kikkoman: Sriracha Mayo Comparison

  • Spectrum is a non-hydrogenated product

  • Spectrum is made with red jalapenos for a unique flavor

  • Kikkoman has a little more spice

  • Spectrum is made with organic cage free eggs

  • Both are gluten free

This is a great product if you are looking to stock up for a upcoming barbeque or even if you’re planning to keep on in the house and use the rest to make a delicious pasta or potato salad. No matter what you’re planning to do with it, you can get Spectrum Sriracha Mayo on Amazon for a pretty good deal!

This is actually the brand of sriracha I have in my fridge at this very moment. If I’m speaking on part of their sriracha, it’s pretty awesome. It has great flavor and a reasonable amount of spice, I can only imagine the mayo version in even better! This product comes in a very convenient 16oz bottle. It is vegan and gluten free.

Who Would Buy This Product

If you were on the watch for me to come up with another vegan sriracha mayo, you’re in luck! I know it can be really hard to find good quality versions of your favorite condiments at times when you’re following a certain diet. But if you were looking for a great brand to take their spin on this product you found it. Flying Goose makes great sriracha mayo that is more mild than the normal sriracha.

Flying Goose vs Kikkoman: Sriracha Mayo Comparison

  • Flying Goose is vegan

  • Kikkoman does not contain flavor enhancers

  • Kikkoman has a bolder flavor

  • Flying Goose comes in a larger size

  • Kikkoman is more affordable

Flying Goose is a great brand. I actually had this sriracha mayo back when my mom got it by accident. She was looking for the regular sriracha and was disappointed by the milder flavor of the mayo. But I really liked it. Although it doesn’t have as much spice, it is really good and goes great with a lot of things! Definitely a personal recommendation for me! If you’re interested in getting Flying Goose Sriracha Mayo for yourself, you can find it on Amazon.


Kikkoman Sriracha Mayo is a great product. I love that it is by this brand that I think a lot of people are familiar with. They have a reputation for great flavor and definitely delivered here too. The flavor of this sauce is bold and a little spicy. It wasn’t over the top, so that’s good if you need something on the line of mild and hot. It had a lot of love from the few reviews I could gather. I know it doesn’t say too much but it is really great that only pleased customers bothered to review it online. It’s safe to say most consumers of this product are pretty happy!

This sauce it really good for most types of food, whatever you can think of really. I’ve even seen my brother add it too his ramen for extra flavor. But it actually kind of reminded me of the sauce you get with fried veggies or blooming onions. Mayo with that satisfying orange color and great complimentary flavor. Definitely a score!

On our list of the 10 Best Sriracha Mayo Products To Try Right Now, this one is near the top! We decided to give it a solid 4.6 stars because it is very nearly the perfect sauce. Bold flavor, great price and it comes from a great brand! What more could you want? So if you’re interested in trying this sauce, you can find Kikkoman Sriracha Mayo on Amazon!


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