Musashi Foods Sriracha Mayo: Review


I think that the secret to just about any recipe is finding the right flavor. A great way to do just that is to find the right sauce or condiment. Especially if you’re a little scare of playing around with your own mix of seasonings. My family has always been all about the condiments. We have always had the kind of fridge that has a door packed full of different types of condiments, sauces and seasonings. My Dad loves playing around with different seasonings whenever he cooks. Between my Mom and Dad I learned a lot of tips and tricks in the kitchen. It really was based around trying new things when cooking. They taught me how to change a recipe to make it more refined to my own taste.

One thing my brother has been interested in lately kind of threw my whole family for a bit of a loop. You see, he love trying new foods and going to new restaurants. It’s all about pushing his palette. Much more than the rest of us. So for his birthday we all went to this sushi restaurant in Maryland. He had been trying to convince my Mom to take him for so long, so we decided to go as a family. It was a bit rough for some of us. Even though I’d had sushi long before this point, it was always the “safer” sushi. The kind that pretty much anyone can eat and enjoy, like a california roll or others like it. But for my brothers birthday we got these platters to try out more of a variety. Needless to say, I’m not a huge fan of all sushi. I like it when the raw stuff is in the middle, like in the different Maki rolls. It breaks up the texture of the raw fish. But when you get to the the Nigiri...I really struggle. It’s a strange texture and I don’t love it. But I know that’s not the case for everyone!

Recently I’ve been hearing a lot of different people saying that they love the sauce that you can get in the sushi restaurants. It is a sriracha mayo of sorts and it is fantastic to add a little flavor. I’ve been really meaning to look into it because I love the flavor of it when I tried it! I also heard that a brand called Musashi has a spicy mayo that is supposed to be really close to what you can find it restaurants. I want to try it out to see if something like this would help make Nigiri a little more bearable for my tastebuds!

Things to Consider When Trying Musashi Mayo

When looking into a condiment the most important aspect for me is the flavor. But there is actually a lot more to think about! Quality is very important and that can really be based on how good the ingredients are. But no matter what item you are tasting there are always going to be good things and bad things about any food. But that’s kind of a given when everyone has such different tastes.

  • Taste: This is by far one of the spiciest sriracha mayo's on our list. People were really surprised by just how spicy it turned out to be. While everyone may not enjoy the added kick, I have noticed that there are some people who buy sriracha mayo expecting to find something really spicy. But more commonly than not, sriracha mayo is very mild. It is more for added flavor than spice. But in this case, all those who were disappointed in other products might really enjoy Musashi instead. But keep in mind that this is a very smooth sort of spice. The mayo really evens it out so it is the perfect combination of creamy and spicy.
  • Ingredients: Many of the sriracha mayo products have a lot of the same ingredients. The major difference for this one in particular is the fact that it was made with red Serrano peppers, rather than the red chili peppers. This is no doubt where the extra spice comes from! It also has another ingredient I found interesting, sesame seed oil! It seems like such a small and unsuspecting flavor. But sesame seed oil can add such a nice extra note to the flavor that I love. 
  • Quality: As I said before, I think the quality of a food product usually depends on the quality of the ingredients. In this case, the brand uses all natural ingredients. It has a lot of benefits. It is low in sugar and calories, has no cholesterol and trans fats, as well as being gluten free! Each of these individual qualities are achieved by using good ingredients. It all comes together for a good quality condiment!
  • Uses: I’ve said it once and I’ll probably say it a million times, but sriracha mayo is such a great product because it can be used on pretty much everything! There were a lot of people who said this is pretty similar to the sauce you would find in a sushi restaurant. So it would go great with sushi or other Asian cuisine! The sesame seed oil is actually a really common ingredient in their dishes and since this sauce has it as well, I would think it would be a great complimentary sauce to add more bite to any dish. But it can really be used on anything you want to try it on. Those are just suggestions!
  •  Drawbacks: Extra spice is probably the biggest perk about this product. But it could also be a factor that will drive people away! Some people are looking for the extra heat, but if you don’t like a whole lot of spice you’ll be in for an unpleasant surprise. 
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Who Should Buy This Product

Musashi is a fantastic option if you have been disappointed by a lack of spice in sriracha mayo products in the past. I have heard a lot of different complaints since I started working on this list of the 10 Best Sriracha Mayo Products To Try Right Now. But the top complaint was almost always that it didn’t have nearly enough spice. People wanted more and in some cases they decided to just mix more sriracha into their bottle of store bought sriracha mayo. But that isn’t the point of buying a condiment! You shouldn’t have to fix it! Not when you paid good money for a product that falls below expectations.  

But if you normally find yourself in the same position and would like a little more heat in your sriracha mayo, just try Musashi and see what you think. It’s all ready to go and you definitely won’t need to add sriracha to “fix” it. But if you dislike it at least it was an affordable taste test.

Musashi Japanese Spicy Mayo - 12oz Squeeze Bottle
  • Authentic Japanese Spicy Mayo
  • Great on Sushi, Sandwiches, French Fries and More
  • All Natural Flavors, Gluten Free

Who Shouldn't Buy This Product

If you happen to have a hard time with spicy things I don’t think I would recommend this. Some people said that this product has enough heat to make you sweat. I don’t think this would bother me as much as it would bother most. I’ve always been a bit desensitized because my family loves spicy food and I’ve eaten it since I was little. But I know that isn’t the case for everyone. There is certainly no need to get this if you aren’t certain how spicy you like your food.

On the other hand I also don’t know if everyone would like the fact that it is a very thick condiment. It makes it really great for spreading on sandwiches or dipping. I don’t know if it will be the easiest thing to drizzle on a salad. Not when it’s coming out in blobs. It all depends on what you would like to use it for!

Musashi Spicy Mayo

Musashi is a spicy mayo that comes in a 12oz squeeze bottle. It is very affordable and made with all natural ingredients. This is a great condiment that was originally meant for sushi, but it was pretty obvious that it was good for a lot of different dishes. It is a fantastic blend of smooth and spicy although it is a bit on the thicker side. Keep in mind that this isn’t a vegan product, but it has a lot of perks of its own. It is gluten free and contains no trans fats or cholesterol. It also is low in sugar and calories. Overall a tasty product with a nice kick and of great quality!


  • Made with red Serrano peppers
  • All natural ingredients
  • Smooth and spicy


  • Very thick

  • Not exactly like the sushi sauce

  • Too spicy for some people

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Features and Benefits 

This segment of the review is always very straight to the point. It’s better to layout the best features and benefits of a product in a simple way. Just to give you something to skim over and easily understand why you might want to try a product.

  • Musashi is made with all natural ingredients, flavorings and colors. Some are put off a little by the bright orange color of this product. They think it looks completely unnatural. But when you are working with red serrano peppers I think it is to be expected!
  • It is in fact gluten free. Most of them are. It is very useful to know because there are a lot of people who tend to go gluten free for health reasons or because they want to be on a healthier diet.
  • A big reason this one is fairly well known is because it happens to be an extra spicy sriracha mayo. You might think that is how most of them are, but they are usually very mild. The mayo has a lot to do with toning them down in terms of spice. But in this case they use red Serrano peppers to maintain the perfect amount of spice. At least for those looking for a spicier variety of the mayo.
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  • This sauce was originally intended to be like the type of sauce you would find in a Japanese restaurant and put on your sushi. It is a genuine Japanese flavor, at least according to the brand.
  • One woman said it is the perfect sauce for baked roast beef sandwiches. It makes sense because typically you might put horseradish sauce on that, this has a similar spice! Other recommendations included putting this on egg sandwiches, regular sandwiches, fried rice or sausage! The possibilities are really endless. You would have to figure out the best use for you. You just might come up with even more ideas!
  • You will find some other major perks if you look on the back of the bottle. This condiment has no trans fats or cholesterol. It is also low in sugar and calories. So if you normally watch what you eat and avoid those things, this is a great option for even the most careful eaters!
  • Musashi is a very thick sauce. That makes it excellent for spreading on a sandwich or using as a dip! Some were not entirely fond of this aspect of the sauce. But I thought it was great!
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Musashi Japanese Spicy Mayo - 12oz Squeeze Bottle
  • Authentic Japanese Spicy Mayo
  • Great on Sushi, Sandwiches, French Fries and More
  • All Natural Flavors, Gluten Free


In case this is not what you were looking for, I wanted to give you some alternative options! I like to do this in case you aren’t a fan of the spice especially. It has great flavor, with a kick. But it you are looking for more flavor and less spice you can try some of these!

JUST is a great brand with a fantastic goal of bringing you very affordable and delicious condiments. They actually have a lot of different options, but their sriracha mayo is one of the best. It is non-GMO, vegan, kosher, gluten free and contains no artificial flavors. It is also a marvelous price for a 12oz squeeze bottle! It makes adding this to your food super simple and a total no brainer.

Who Would Buy This Product

JUST is the perfect product for any vegan who has a hard time finding the perfect condiments. Most mayonnaise products are egg yolk based for the perfect creamy consistency. In this case, they can get the perfect smooth product by using Canadian Yellow Peas, rather than egg yolks. If you want something vegan, with high quality ingredients and a great flavor, this is a phenomenal option for you!

JUST vs Musashi: Sriracha Mayo Comparison

  • JUST isn’t too spicy
  • Musashi is spicier and is made with red serrano peppers
  • JUST is vegan
  • Musashi is low carb and great if you’re on a diet

JUST is a wonderful brand and is really well known. It is the perfect spicy vegan condiment! Some say it could use a little more spice, since it leans more towards tasting like mayo or garlic. But it is made with quality ingredients, contains less calories per serving, and is dairy free. If you’ve been on the hunt for a good vegan sriracha mayo, look no further! You can find JUST Sriracha Mayo on Amazon for a really affordable price!

Spectrum is made with organic cage-free eggs, red jalapeno peppers and it’s yet another sauce that is packed full of flavor. This one has some kick to it, but it isn’t not too spicy and I think pretty much anyone would like it! It comes in three 11oz bottles and taste especially great with maki rolls or fish tacos.

Who Would Buy This Product

This product only comes in a 3-pack on Amazon, although you can probably find singles elsewhere. But I thought this was perfect in case you’re really looking to stock up.

Spectrum vs Musashi: Sriracha Mayo Comparison

  • Spectrum is a non-hydrogenated product
  • Spectrum is made with red jalapenos for a unique flavor
  • Musashi is made with red serrano peppers for more spice
  • Spectrum is made with organic cage free eggs
  • Both are gluten free

This is a great product if you are looking to stock up for a upcoming barbeque or even if you’re planning to keep on in the house and use the rest to make a delicious pasta or potato salad. No matter what you’re planning to do with it, you can get Spectrum Sriracha Mayo on Amazon for a pretty good deal!

Here we have another great option! This is not a vegan product, it is egg based. But it does have a fantastic consistency, almost more like a dressing than a mayo. Lee Kum Kee has a great kick to it as well, which was a favorite feature for many!

Who Would Buy This Product

If you find yourself looking for the perfect spicy dressing for your salad and you’re tired of your typical spicy french, this is a great new option! There were some saying that this reminds them of the thickness of your normal ranch dressing. It’s super easy to mix into your salad! It will add creaminess and bold flavor. What more can you really ask for?

If your aren’t as interested in salads this can be used for a whole lot of other things too! On their website they have a few different recipes for things like sriracha mayo wings, spicy macaroni salad and even spicy deviled eggs, to name a few! So if you really just want to spice up your ordinary recipes, this is a great option!

Lee Kun Kee vs Musashi: Sriracha Mayo Comparison

  • Musashi is spicier
  • Lee Kum Kee is a medium spice
  • Lee Kum Kee comes in a slightly larger bottle
  • Both can be used on a variety of dishes
  • Musashi is more affordable

In the end, both are actually really great options, but this will give you a really creamy product. It will go on just like a dressing and you could really use it like one! I would just be careful with portion control because it is packed full of sodium, fat and cholesterol. It’s fine in moderation! If you’re interested in checking Lee Kum Kee Sriracha Mayo for yourself, you can find it on Amazon!

Musashi Japanese Spicy Mayo - 12oz Squeeze Bottle
  • Authentic Japanese Spicy Mayo
  • Great on Sushi, Sandwiches, French Fries and More
  • All Natural Flavors, Gluten Free


This was not everyone's favorite sauce. But in my opinion, I think it just makes it even better. Sriracha mayo is typically flavorful but not very spicy. If you’re anything like me you would love to have something with a little bit more spice, while maintaining the same kind of flavor. Musashi sounds like the perfect solution to me! Spicy but still deliciously creamy.

Since not everyone is partial to the extra spice, this tends to be a hit or miss for most people. I find that to be totally understandable and I can absolutely see why. I just think it’s always nice to branch out and try new things! But it can be hard for some people to eat if they are really sensitive to spice so that knocks it down a little. But to be honest, that just makes it so much satisfying for the people who do love spice. It makes it more of a specialty item!

In the end I think this is a great new twist on the product. It isn’t an ordinary sriracha mayo! It is different, which could be a good or bad thing. But luckily, it is certainly affordable enough for you to taste it and see what you think! If you’re interested in doing just that, you can find Musashi Spicy Mayo on Amazon!


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