Emu is a flightless bird, commonly found in the interiors of Australia and New Zealand. They extract emu oil from the fat of these birds and has wonderful benefits not known to humans for a long time. In fact, because of the fascinating benefits of this oil, many farmers have started breeding emus. Almost every part of this bird from the skin to meat is useful. However, the most beneficial part is the oil.

What is Emu Oil?

They derive it from the fat of emu bird and is rich in many essential acids and antioxidants.

The biggest benefit of this oil is that it easily penetrates the dermal layer to reach the subcutaneous tissues. This allows for the many benefits to penetrate deep into the skin giving you dramatic results. The basic compounds of this oil are:

  • Antioxidants
  • Linoleic Acid
  • Palmitic Acid and
  • Oleic Acid

Each of these ingredients is beneficial in fighting dry skin, inflammation, and high cholesterol. However, to ensure that you receive the best benefits, it is important that you buy your oil from a valid and trusted source.

There are many established holistic benefits of this oil and new findings pop up on a daily basis. Here are some other benefits and uses of Emu Oil listed for you:

1. Weight loss

There have been many factual pieces of evidence to prove that it aids in reducing obesity. You can swap your daily fish oil supplement for these capsules, especially if you are intolerant or sensitive to seafood. By increasing the good cholesterol in your body, you become better equipped to fight off obesity. However, it is extremely important that you continue with your exercise regime and ingest fewer calories.

A critical aspect of ensuring that they meet your fitness goals is to improve HDL cholesterol levels in your body. And this oil helps in doing just that. Studies have shown that your body is more responsive to shedding stubborn weight when your cholesterol levels are normal, and you maintain a healthy lifestyle with a dedicated exercise regime.

2. Anti-Inflammatory

This oil is a great source of fatty acids that have many anti-inflammatory properties. You can improve your digestive system’s health by taking these capsules orally.

The benefit of this oil even extends to improving many malignant conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease. There are many alternative benefits of taking this oil orally. You stand to improve your digestion with better food absorption. It also aids in better intestinal transit of food through your system and enhanced gastric emptying.

Many people suffer from inflammation of the joints and muscles. If you are into fitness, then muscle soreness and inflammation would be a common part of your daily routine. By swapping your fish oil supplements for capsules made from emu bird’s oil, you gain to improve your condition.

3. Helps With Sensitive Nipples

Pregnant women near to labor and new mothers face a huge dilemma insensitive nipples and in some cases dry nipples as well. In most cases, the areola is also affected causing tremendous pain and discomfort. Sensitive and dry nipples conditions can be greatly improved by using emu bird oil-based creams.

Alternatively, you can even use this oil by mixing it with your preferred cream. Studies conducted for its effectiveness found that it did not affect the temperature, pH balance or elasticity of the areola. However, it helped tremendously in making sensitive and dry nipples normal.

It is important that you always wipe your nipples and areola region with a damp cloth in order to remove all traces of this oil.

4. Aids Hair Growth

Hair growth depends on numerous factors such as age, health and hair conditions. Oil from the emu bird can help promote new hair follicles as per a recent study conducted on mice.


You can try massaging this oil mixed with peppermint oil into your scalp with strong, circular strokes of your fingers. Doing this religiously can help in building new hair follicles; hence, promoting hair growth.

However, there are many reasons for hair loss. It is important that you address all causes of hair loss to see increased hair growth. One of the most common causes of hair loss is lack of omega fatty acids. By eating a capsule every day of this oil, you can ensure that your body gets all the essential omega fatty acids it needs.

5. Improves Brittle Nail Condition

Nail health depends greatly on your diet. Many women complain of chipped nails that lack luster. It is possible to get shiny and long nails quickly by improving your diet. Oil from the emu bird if taken in the capsule form helps in completing your body’s requirement of omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 fatty acids. This can improve your nail health leaving you with strong and lustrous nails.

Alternatively, you can even brush oil from the emu bird on your nails before sleeping at night. However, you shall need to ensure that there is no nail polish present on your nails. Nail polish has chemicals that can affect with the absorption of this oil into your skin.

6. Ward of Bugs

People usually use the oil from emus for holistic and alternative options to chemical-based solutions. If you suffer from a bug problem, then using this oil can improve your condition. By mixing it with your essential hair oil or simply using it on its own can dramatically alleviate a lice condition. However, it is important that this treatment is used only for adults as there have been no studies conducted to establish it safe for children and infants.

The natural substance terpenes found in this oil can repel insects as well. You can pour a few drops of this oil in multiple bowls of water and keep it in the corners of your home or under the kitchen sink. This will help in keeping cockroaches and other similar bugs away. Also, terpenes help in keeping the kissing bug or triatomine bug away that usually comes at night to suck your blood. However, a downside of terpene is that it attracts mosquitoes. Hence, avoid using it on your skin topically while going out.

7. Helps Heal Scars and Wounds

Early studies on mice have shown that linoleic acid found in abundance in oil from emu birds helps lighten scars and assist in wound healing during the inflammation process.

By using creams with this oil, you can accelerate healing on wounds and cuts. It is also proven to be very effective in healing burns. Another advantage of this oil is in lightening age spots and decreasing acne scars. As this oil has hair growing properties, it is extremely beneficial in increasing hair follicles on wound scars.

8. Improves Hydration in Your Skin

Dry skin is the biggest skin woe in all ages as it causes many other issues such as wrinkles, sagging skin, fine lines, etc. Oil from emu bird fat can help keep your skin hydrated at all times. It is an occlusive moisturizer that can prevent water loss from your skin and maintain its elasticity at all times.

This oil can also reverse the signs of aging to a great extent by having a positive effect on collagen production. The antioxidant properties can negate any adverse effects caused by oxidative stress. Additionally, when mixed with vitamin K and caffeine in a cream form, it can lighten dark circles and improve elasticity around the eye.

How to Incorporate Emu Oil in Your Life

There are many ways you can use this oil. You can mix it with your preferred lotions and creams to enhance their absorption. This can help in providing better results. You can even mix it with other essential oils to strengthen their effects.

It is extremely beneficial in capsule form as well, to be taken by individuals who suffer from high cholesterol. Many individuals have claimed taking one capsule a day drastically lowered their bad cholesterol levels. A regular bottle of this oil can last for almost 2 years. The best way to extend the shelf life is to keep it in the fridge away from direct sunlight and heat.

Side Effects

There are no known cases of side effects from this oil. However, as it gets penetrated deep into the skin, you should not use this for treating insect bites or rashes from poison ivy. It might interfere with the healing process increasing the time taken.


There are many varied benefits of emu oil that can improve your quality of life in a safe, holistic way. You can improve many conditions such as eczema, dry skin and scars by applying it topically. It is important that you always procure your oils from a reputable source. They sell this oil as farm-to-finish. Hence, you need to be careful that the farm you procure your products from promotes ethical farming to avoid contaminants.


Featured Image: CC0 Public Domain Pixabay via Pexels