Anyone who has been using essential oils knows all too well that every essential oil has its advantages. An essential oil is a liquid that has a lot of volatile aroma from various plants and flowers. Other names for these oils include titles such as ethereal oils, or aetherolea, etc. sometimes these oils are referred to by just adding the name of the plant next to them. Such as oil of jasmine. And while some essential oils are famous, some others are very favorite of mine, and I’m going to tell you about them today. These oils can prove to be great for your skin and health, therefore without further ado let me tell you all about the six most amazing essential oils that are great for your overall health and skin.

Bergamot Oil

Bergamot is one of the most famous fruity components of various perfumes; it is a derivative of a fruit that is hybrid of orange and lime, and it’s called bergamot. This oil has been used in the past by people to cure a lot of remedies, and it’s trendy for aromatherapy as well. And did you know that the unique flavor of the Earl Grey tree can be attributed to bergamot? But that is not all. Bergamot is terrific at curing some of the most stubborn skin diseases such as fungal infections. Topical application of this incredible oil can fight off the dermatophytes that feed off the keratin in your skin quite successfully.

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Jasmine Oil

Another essential oil that is favorite of mine is jasmine oil, and the apparent reason is its aroma. But that is not the best quality of jasmine oil. It has the capability of alleviating your anxiety altogether, mainly because its fragrance is so calming and fresh for the senses. Some chemical compounds in this essential oil can inhibit emotions like overexcitement, and therefore it can help you treat your anxiety. It is also great for relieving the sore muscles. The linalool that is present in jasmine is what works to cure the sore muscles, and it also has anti-inflammatory properties.

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Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil is excellent for your skin because it is a natural exfoliator. If you apply it topically, it is sure to stimulate some shedding of the dead skin, leaving behind a more clean and fresh face. It also encourages the growth of new skin a great deal. Regular use of cannabis oil on your face can prevent it from getting all wrinkly as you grow old.  Cannabis can reduce the size of cancer tumors almost magically. And it works as a preventive drug against cancer. And for those of you who suffer from the loss of appetite, this oil is fantastic because it can boost your hunger which can lead you to consume more food.

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Lemon Oil

This oil is popular because it is not difficult to find and the list of its advantages is quite long. First of all, this oil tends to have an energizing effect on you. It has loads and loads of antioxidants in it which help with giving you the much needed requisite boosts in the evenings when you come back home tired from work. It is also relieving for your respiratory discomfort, especially when it is seasonal. You need to diffuse a little bit of lemon oil at your home, or workplace or even your vehicle and you would notice the difference pretty soon.

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Rosemary Oil

Another important essential oil is the rosemary oil, and it has a lot of benefits as well. But it is quite helpful in beating Alzheimer’s. This oil has the inherent capability of enhancing your cognitive functioning, so when it is regularly used it can help the patients with Alzheimer’s disease a great deal with maintaining their cognitive functions. It also prevents a person from further developing Alzheimer’s symptoms. Like lemon oil, it is also used in therapy for respiratory problems, and its strong smell is great for relieving congestion in the throat.

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Honeysuckle Oil

Last, but certainly not the least is honeysuckle oil which I believe is an underrated oil because if you take all its advantages into account, you will start to wonder why it is not very popular. This oil is derived from the honeysuckle plant by the simple process of distillation that is carried out in making perfumes. And this oil has been popular along India and China for a long time. One of the top benefits of honeysuckle oil is that it is great for your immunity and it keeps the body from developing any severe infection. Another advantage is that it keeps  viral infections away.

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I hope that you have enjoyed our article on the best essential oils. Tell us the ones you love in the comments below!

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