A hangnail, while it may not look like the most dangerous enemy in existence, it one of the most annoyingly-painful things that you can experience in your life. We have all gotten them at one point and gone through those days like they were hell. Hangnails are actually those small pieces of cuticles that, after breaking free from the nail bed, are literally hanging from your finger. The problem with them is that they are usually painful, red, and very annoying. This is why, in this article, we will tell you how to deal with hangnails correctly, so you won’t have to deal with all that pain.

Most people chew them off, which is a terrible idea, experts say. Also, having your manicurist pluck them is also not preferable and let’s not mention incredibly painful. So, what is the best way to get rid of hangnails? Well, there isn’t a specific way in which you can do that, but there are a few solutions. They are both safe and effective, and you won’t have to deal with them anymore. Here we go!

What causes hangnails?

When the weather is dry, like during wintertime, your skin also tends to get dryer. That’s the best time for hangnails to make an appearance. However, it’s important to know that overexposure to moisture will have the same effect on your nails and will to cause hangnails. Also, hangnails can also appear as a result of poor nail care. Habits, like biting your nails or cutting your cuticles, can cause hangnails.
There are a few things which you can do to prevent them.

For example, in the wintertime, keep your hands and nailbeds moisturized. Wear gloves if you work with chemicals or water. Also, don’t bite your nails and change your manicurist if you notice hangnails after the manicure. However, if you already have those annoying little pieces of cuticles hanging from your finger, here’s how to deal with them.

1. Soften the skin and cleanse it

This is the first step. Submerge your fingers in warm water and keep them there for about five minutes. This will soften the skin in that area and make it easier for you to deal with the hangnails. After that, you should carefully cleanse your nails with antibacterial soap. This will prevent any future infection from what you’re trying to do to the hangnails.

2. Clip the hangnail

Now it’s time for the action! The next step is to carefully clip the hangnails that bother you right at the base. Get as close as possible to their base and remove them gently. Remember! Do not try to rip them out because it will not only hurt, but you might end up with an ugly infection!

3. The aftermath

Finally, you should apply something like Vaseline on the clipped hangnails. Then, wrap a Band-Aid around your hangnail to protect that place and avoid infections.

Summing it all up

So, what did you think about our short guide on how to deal with hangnails? Did it help you in any way? Are you struggling with hangnails too? Tell us more about your experiences or if you know any remedies in the comment section down below!
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