Winter can take a brutal toll on your skin and hair if you do not protect them properly. Not so long ago, we discussed a few tips on how to take care of your face skin in winter. However, the cold season can play an ugly number on your head as well. No matter if you have straight or curly hair, dry or oily scalp, you need to make sure your tresses and locks do not suffer from the harshness of the elements. Today we will offer you 7 winter hair care tips, tricks, and alternatives, so you can show off your gorgeous, healthy mane in spring.

1. Keep Your Hair Covered

Wearing a hat in winter is a healthy way of keeping yourself safe from all sorts of colds and headaches. Keeping your hair covered also means less stress regarding winter winds, which lead to hair damages, frizz, breaks, and ice. Take advantage of the season to show off your fashionable hats and caps while keeping warm and safeguarding your locks.

2. Opt for Sulfate Free Shampoos

We are huge fans of such products and we have plenty of sulfate free shampoos reviews all stating the same thing: they can help you restore the looks and health of your scalp and hair. Moreover, they have moisturizing and nourishing effects due to their organic ingredients, they do not strip away your hair of its own self-protecting oils, they balance your pH, nourish the roots promoting hair growth and thickening, and many have anti-dandruff properties.

3. Keep Hair Washing to a Minimal Frequency

It may sound counterintuitive, but keep your hair care routine to two-three hair washes a week. This will help the hair preserve its moisture and not dry too fast when you expose it to the cold weather. Speaking of dryness, always dry your hair before leaving the house and always try to avoid excess heat when you dry your hair in winter. While many women cannot give up completely on their hair dryers or their favorite curling irons, they should, however, limit their use. Extreme heat can cause damage to your hair. The significant differences in temperature from inside warmth to outside cold can make your hair brittle and frizzy.

4. Apply an Avocado Mask

In combination with a nutritious oil, avocado becomes one of the most powerful natural hair treatments possible. It adds nutrients to the hair, making the ends less frazzled. It makes your hair shinier, stronger, better equipped to take on the wind, the cold, and the snow. As we were saying when presenting you with our favorite miracle DIY avocado hair masks, this natural wonder moisturizes hair, boosts hair growth, prevents dandruff, and revitalizes your hair. If you really want the best winter hair care tips, here it is: mix avocado with olive oil, argan oil, almond oil, or jojoba oil and enjoy perfect hair care all season long!

5. Choose Your Conditioner Carefully

We have to mention conditioners now that we insisted on the sulfate free shampoos. Conditioners should have the ability to attract and preserve your hair’s moisture. They should also add vitality, texture, bounce, and shine to your locks. Make sure your conditioner is rich in natural fatty acids, organic protein, humectants, essential oils, and natural ingredients that safeguard your scalp and hair. Finding the best conditioner it is not easy, but once you read the labels and understand what your hair needs, your quest will end with great results.

6. Drink Plenty of Water

We already covered the difference between dehydrated skin and dry skin. Well, same goes for hair. Drink water like it is still summer and your hair will keep its natural moisture, bounce, volume, and shine. It is easy to forget to drink water in winter, this is why you should consider some yummy herbal teas, lemon water, and other hot drinks. Avoid alcohol excess, however, as alcohol dehydrates you from head to toes.

7. Eat Well and Mind Your Diet

In winter, our bodies need hydration, protein, healthy fats, and plenty of vitamins and minerals. All these elements will lead to healthier skin and better looking hair – not to mention a boost in vitality and good mood. Try to tweak your winter diet so it contains soups and watery veggies and fruits (citrus fruits are perfect in winter), fish, eggs, lean protein, dark leaves like spinach or kale, winter veggies like cabbage, and Brussel sprouts and so on. A proper winter diet can help you lose weight, boost your metabolism, and keep your hair looking amazing.

Wrapping up…

Your hair needs as much protection as your skin does. Make sure you do not expose it to extreme temperatures or variations of temperatures and give it the moisture and hydration it needs. You can also get some regular haircuts to eliminate frizz and focus on vitamin E as a hair conditioner.

What other winter hair care tips do you know and use? Do you have some advice for us you would like to share?