The beginning of the year comes with ravishing new trends in fashion, makeup, accessories, hair, and more. We love to check out experts’ advice, tips, tricks, and tutorials on a wide number of topics. Last time, we talked about cool beauty tips from specialists to help you get amazing eye makeup, healthier skin, gorgeous nail art, and more. Today we will look at some 2018 hair trends predicted (and promoted) by experts!

1. Pink and Violet Hair Colors

If we are to watch Fashion Trend Seeker’s prediction on 2018 hair trends and colors for the spring/summer season, we will find that platinum blonde, pink and violet are some of the most emphasized trends of this year. Many other hair experts have talked about violet as the new hair color of 2018. Since violet is this year’s Pantone’s Color of the Year, it makes sense that this vibrant, quirky, and powerful nuance will become more and more visible on runways and in the streets.

2. Blunt Bob Haircuts with a Dash of Pigment

Brad Mondo reviews the last year in terms of haircuts and styles, admitting that some of the good old reliable cuts will probably stay on this year as well. However, Brad offers us Kim Kardashian as a trendsetter of 2018 with her blunt bob cut pigmented in blonde or light shades of blue. What Brad teaches us is that we should make the transition from the eternal layered cuts to the blunt ones for an extra drop of style. Look at the video, as Brad also talks about beachy waves, sand blonde shades, and (well-designed) messy looks.

3. Adding Bangs to All Your Haircuts

Giedre Kavaliunaite is a huge fan of bags and long hair, although she makes a solid case for shorter haircuts as well. In order to be truly on point this year, Geidre recommends us to make sure any hairdo we choose to design it around the idea of bangs. Besides the fact that all bangs are in, Geidre predicts curly bobs to make a huge comeback, together with natural hair colors. This somehow contradicts other predictions, but time will tell, won’t it? There are more 2018 hair trends picked up and discussed by Geidre, so enjoy the video and pick your favorite hairstyle!

4. Slick, Chic, and Curly

According to Provocative Woman, this year will be all about slick, chic, and curly hairstyles, with bangs and all the gorgeous trimmings. It seems that bangs are definitely all in, as two hair experts speak about them already. Well, no one can be sure that bangs are going to be the newest and most dashing hair trend of this year, but you should definitely put them on your list of interests. Provocative Woman also presents us with ribbons and pom-poms… We do not know about that, but some sources say ponytails are coming back, so our expert may be on to something!

5. Boy, Girl, Tiger Eye!

Justine Leconte says the new generation of cuts comes from long hair to very short hair. The short cuts are making waves among young and bold celebrities (Jennifer Lawrence’s name is on everybody’s lips) and can be feminine and sweet, or boyish and edgy. Besides the hair lengths and the styles (messy curly bobs come again in the conversation), Justine presents us with a daring and fascinating style: Tiger Eye. If you want to learn more about how to achieve this incredible hair color and style and find out what other interesting 2018 hair trends to watch out for, watch the video below!

Gathering up our loose locks…

What are your favorite 2018 hair trends? Did you hear about others you would like to tell us about?