The Best Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair in 2018

best hair color ideas for short hair in 2017

It is going to be a glorious fall for women with short hair! Hairstylists agree that this season everything will be about highlights and modern color mixes to enhance your facial features. There are plenty of short hair dye styles out there. You just need to pick the one that favors you most. A cute haircut for short thin hair blended in with a lovely color turn you into a diva with no effort. Today we will see some of the most interesting hair color ideas for short hair you might want to try.

Our List of Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair

1. Magenta and Dark Highlights

hair color ideas for short hair magenta and black bob haircut

Nothing brings the glorious feeling of autumn closer than magenta. This color makes you think of freshly picked dark grapes, red wine, ripe fruits, and velvety sunsets. This magenta and black colored bob haircut is fall 2017 hair trends done right.

If you notice, the hair’s tips subtly fade towards a pink nuance to sweeten the color combination that might be a bit too dark for some women. Nevertheless, this modern-meets-gothic is one of our favorite hair color ideas for short hair because if the rich sophistication and bold versatility.

The haircut and hair color works well with thin hair and even straight or curly hair. The bob cut does justice to your hair type.

2. Ombre Rose Petrol Blue Highlights

hair color ideas for short hair braided ombre petrol blue braided bob haircut

We chose this color combination and hairstyle for short hair for two reasons: braids will never go out of fashion and this mix of colors is spectacular. A bob haircut is a stylish way to sport short hair at any age. However, when it comes to braids, you simply take things at the next level. If you already know how to braid your hair, let us talk a bit about the colors.

What we have here is an ombre dusky rose to petrol blue mix. While it may seem at first a summer color mix, we find it to be perfect for autumn and winter as well. The petrol blue has a flair of coldness to it, sparked up to life by the sweet rosy shades that offer balance. This fire-meets-ice color combination is a must on your list of hair color ideas for short hair to try this season.

One of the best things about this haircut and hair color is that they work amazingly even if you have thin hair.

3. Dazzling Peacock

hair color ideas for short hair peacock crop haircut

Some trends do not end when the year ends. The perfect example is that the short hair colors 2016 trends are still the rage in 2017. One of the most interesting styles of the past year is the use of all shades of colors of the peacock style. From sweet pastels to bright shades, and from sultry midnight blues to red wine shades, the peacock reigned the hairstyles of 2016.

However, hair stylists still love the idea even today. This is why we put on our list of hair color ideas for short hair this particular combination. The short, boyish cut with dark hair in the back gets a young and restless buzz with the mix of green, blue, and red strands. The short crop looks amazing for women with fine hair and thick hair alike. The contrast and the gorgeous highlights will turn all heads.

 What are your hair color ideas for short hair you would like to try this season? Will you transcend the last year’s trends to this fall? Are you going to pick something entirely different in cut, style, and color this year?

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