The gray hair trend is taking the beauty industry by storm. Many celebrities such as Ellie Goulding and Kylie Jenner have tried this look, even on the red carpet. Both gray and silver locks are cool nowadays. Even hairstylists state that more and more clients request this look. Let’s find out how you can replicate the gray hair trend and some of the best examples to inspire you.

How to Replicate the Gray Hair Trend

gray braided hair

1. Choose The Right Shade

You should purchase the right shade of gray that suits your skin tone. To do this, you must look at your wrist veins. They will show you if you are cool toned or warm toned. If their color is purple or blue, you should choose lighter hair color shades. Warm tones are of those people that have yellow or green wrist veins. They look better with a darker hair color shade. You can consult your hairstylist about which shade suits you best.

2. Condition Your Hair

Going gray might damage your hair if you don’t take care of it. You can reduce risks and damages by preparing your hair. Make sure it is healthy and strong. You can go for a deep conditioning treatment a couple of weeks before applying gray hair color. Another way to decrease negative effects is to trim your locks. Just get rid of some of their length.

3. Be Patient Throughout the Entire Process

Recreating the gray hair trend will take some time. It is similar to going platinum blonde. The entire process can even last a couple of hours so make sure you have enough patience. The best thing to do, especially if it is your first time going gray, is to go to a professional. A beauty expert will know what to do and how to create a beautiful look.

4. Don’t Forget About Aftercare Methods

Silver or gray hair color washes away pretty quick. You will probably have to go back to the salon for maintenance appointments once per every 6 to 8 weeks. Use plenty of conditioners and even silver-tones shampoos.

Celebrity Examples of the Gray Hair Trend

#1. Ellie Goulding

This beautiful British singer presented her gray hue back in 2011. She has a fair skin tone and brown eyes. Therefore, the silver shade suits her well.

#2. Lady Gaga

She is well-known for her ever-changing looks. Well, for the 2015 Grammy Awards, she chose to wear silver locks styled in voluptuous waves. Gaga looked stunning, and she attracted everyone’s attention as always.

#3. Pink

Pink worn gray in 2010. She was among the first celebrities to rock this silvery look. Everybody admired her, even though nobody was surprised because we all know that Pink always chooses bold looks.

#4. Kelly Osbourne

Kelly tried the gray hair trend before choosing purple as her signature shade. She looked dazzling with her silver locks in 2012.

Final Words

In the last couple of years, a lot of women of all ages have embraced the gray hair trend. Many young women have dyed their locks to gain that silvery look. This trend has proven to be a glamorous one, suiting many features and skin tones. Celebrities were not afraid to try it, even if some people say it looks a bit old. If you want to try it too, you should follow our how-to guidelines, described above.

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