The notion that there’s only one eyeliner out there for your eye color is as long gone and as ridiculous as socks and sandals. Different shades of eyeliner can enhance your natural color and, sometimes, even change how it appears. But which one is the best at creating those optical illusions? Read on to find out which is the best eyeliner color for brown eyes.

The first thing you need to know is that you cannot possibly go wrong if you decide to go for earthy browns. They are in the exact same color spectra as your own eyes, which means they will create a nice color continuum.

However, there are also some other colors you can try, if you want to step out of the box a little bit. No need to spend tons of money on eyeliner, you can get some great quality pens at the drugstore. 

First of all, there are the midnight blue tones as well as amber. We’ve mashed them into the same category mainly because they have the same effect on your brown eyes. They pick up on the light flecks that you have going on there, and they emphasize them. How cool is that?

Now let’s see some examples that you can actually try out as soon as you go on your next beauty shopping spree.

This is the Rock ‘N’ Kohl Eye Pencil. The Brand is Charlotte Tilbury, and the magnificent shade is Veruschka Mink. In other words, it’s a lovely dark gray that will do wonders for your eyes.

best eyeliner color for brown eyes verushcka mink

Then we have Chanel’s very own Long-Lasting Eyeliner, this time in Ambre Dore. The shade is self-explanatory here, girls, just look how pretty. Leave it to Chanel to create the essence of elegance.

best eyeliner color for brown eyes chanel ambre dore

As far as midnight blue goes, we suggest the Perfect Eye Shadow Pencil by Iman. The shade is called Forbidden, but you have our permission to use it.

best eyeliner color for brown eyes iman

Round Two of the Best Eyeliner Color for Brown Eyes

These are your basic best eyeliner color ideas for brown eyes. Now let’s take a look at a set of three other colors that you can wear if are really bold and like to be creative, just like us.

Stylists also recommend that girls with brown eyes can wear colors such as mink gray, purple, and cobalt. Therefore, we have done some more research and found you the perfect eyeliners to cover those colors as well.

This is the 24/7 Glide-On Eyeliner from Urban Decay in Smoke. It’s gorgeous shade of gray that you will simply adore.

best eyeliner color for brown eyes urban decay

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Next, we have Dior’s Diorshow Pro Liner Waterproof. This magnificent shade of dark purple is called Backstage Purple. You know what’s even more awesome? It was launched at the same time Dior revived and improved, if that was possible, their iconic mascara, Diorshow, which everyone knows is the best in the biz.

best eyeliner color for brown eyes dior

And last, but definitely not least on our list is Chanel with their number 19 eyeliner called Blue Jean. Don’t you just love the black and gold tube? We do.

best eyeliner color for brown eyes chanel blue

Here are your options when it comes to the best eyeliner color for brown eyes. Write to us in the comment section below and tell us if you’re more partial to Chanel, Dior or Urban Decay. Or all of them!

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