Ombre lips seem to be the latest trend when it comes to makeup. Whether you are using matte, liquid, velvety lipstick, it’s important to master the technique rightly. It’s not a complicated process, but you need to pay attention and to choose the right shades. Today we are presenting you a selection of the best ombre lips tutorials you can find on YouTube. Enjoy!

Best Ombre Lips Tutorials

1. Korean Gradient Tutorial

Since the ombre lips trend is catching on more and more, perhaps you want to try something different. Kenny is showing us how to do a Korean gradient type of lips. He is using concealer to even out the shade before applying a dark red lipstick. The final step is to blend it out towards the edges of the lips. Check out the entire tutorial here:

2. Gradation Tutorial

The second entry on our ombre lips tutorial list is the one made by Molita Lin. She is a famous beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger from Indonesia. She made a tutorial where she tested various Maybelline lipstick shades and then tried out different styles. The best thing about the lipsticks she used is the fact that they have a special sponge at the end. This is particularly useful for creating the gradation effect you can see at the end of the video.

3. Ombre Lips with Your Finger

What could be easier than doing your ombre lips with just your fingers? This tutorial published by Provocative Woman is perhaps the most simple you will find. The technique is used in the video by Amadea Dashurie, who does an excellent job. You can see how by simply dabbing with her fingers, she manages to blend two strong shades of brown and red almost completely. See the rest of the video here:

4. Red Smokey Eyes and Red Ombre Lips

If you love red, then this is the perfect tutorial for you. Teaira Walker presents us a beautiful combination between red makeup for eyes and red ombre lips. If you’re not interested in the makeup world, you can simply skip to the end of the video, but it’s a great inspiration for a make-up on a night out. As you can see, she uses a lip pencil, which she then blends with the help of a brush.

5. Ombre Lips with Pencil and Lipstick

Our last entry is a tutorial that uses both a lip pencil and a lipstick. Even though Adrienne lives in France, she has fans all over the world. This tutorial shows you step by step how can you obtain an ombre lips appearance. As she shows us, the key here is to have a flawless blending.


You may have noticed that it’s not hard to obtain an impressive look. Whether you choose to follow the Korean tutorial or a different one, it’s important to choose the right colors and to practice a lot. Don’t give up if you don’t have the same results as these make-up lovers from the first time! Try a couple more times and you will definitely succeed.