Combination skin is sometimes very difficult to deal with. As we mentioned before when we discussed combination skin foundations, the oily T-Zone needs one specific type of care, while the dry cheeks require different approaches. This is why finding the best moisturizer for combination skin seems to resemble a treasure hunt. If the moisturizer is too creamy, it might make your T-Zone feel even oilier and worse. If the moisturizer is too lightweight, it may show no effects on the dry sides of your face. The search can turn into a drag. Luckily, for everyone, we put together a list of our top choices when it comes to the best moisturizers for combination skin. Let us see what they are!

1. Mineral Fusion Facial Moisturizer, SPF 40

best moisturizer for combination skin mineral fusion facial moisturizer


Minerals are the ones providing you with this heavy-duty SPF 40 protection, not chemicals. If your face is sensitive or you simply do not want to add weight and damage to your skin with gluten, parabens, talc, synthetic fragrances or dye, SLS, or phthalates, then this is the best moisturizer for combination skin you will find.

The Mineral Fusion facial moisturizer SPF 40 contains uses zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to protect your face from UVs. Moreover, the product contains plenty of hydrating and protective ingredients masterfully blended to care for sensitive skin. According to happy customers, this is the best face moisturizer with SPF for combination skin.

2. L’Oreal Paris Hydra Genius Daily Liquid Care for Normal/Oily Skin

best moisturizer for combination skin loreal hydra genius

If you read our guide on how to determine if you have oily skin and the result was positive, it means you need to take care of your normal/oily/dry skin in an integrated manner. L’Oreal needs no introduction when it comes to skin care products, but you should definitely meet the Hydra Genius Daily Liquid Care.

The formula contains aloe and hyaluronic acid – some of the best ingredients in professional skin care products. They offer protection, hydration, and nourishment to combination skin. The effect is lightweight and soothing. The product generates a 3-days long effect after one application. Besides nutrients and hydration, you will enjoy the product’s ability to prevent aging as well.

3. Olay Hydrating Gel

best moisturizer for combination skin olay moisturizer

Oil of Olay is a brand name with a great reputation in skin care and cosmetics. The Olay Hydrating Gel works best as oil control of your T-Zone. You can use a few DIY scrubs for oily skin to clean and clear your T-Zone and then use the gel for an amazing effect.

Oil of Olay’s Hydrating Gel is smooth, lightweight, and refreshing for your face skin. The product promises 24 hours of continuous hydration, protection, and skin nourishment. The white tea and honeysuckle essences help you keep your pores unclogged and clean. Moreover, the gel comes together with a powder that keeps you control your oily face areas without changing your skin tone.

4. LilyAna Naturals Face Cream Moisturizer

best moisturizer for combination skin lilyana naturals face cream

The company aims this product to adults who begin to notice signs of aging, fine lines, wrinkles, and spots. This is probably best moisturizer for dry aging skin. It contains aloe, Vitamins A, B5, B3, E and C, orange extract, coenzyme Q10, and many natural ingredients. The company does not use chemicals in the products, so you will get the best moisturizer for combination skin without parabens or other artificial preservatives or fragrances.

The formula is suitable for sensitive skin and all skin types, as it is non-irritant. LilyAna Naturals Face Cream Moisturizer is great for men and women alike and you can use it both day and night. The customers speak greatly of this product.

5. Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer SPF 15

best moisturizer for combination skin aveeno positively radiant

Aveeno’s Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer is the stuff of dreams for the ones with combination skin. It is a best seller product in many skin care categories of products and perhaps one of the most popular brands when it comes to choosing the best moisturizer for combination skin. The product is oil-free, hypoallergenic, and great at evening your skin tone.

What is the best moisturizer for combination skin you use? Did you find a good idea on this list? Do you want to recommend us something else you swear by?

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