As you know, when it comes to hair colors and hairstyles, we are all game! The more unconventional, the better! Since we already talked about the hottest hair trends of 2018 in terms of colors and styles, it is time to get deeper into the details. Speaking of colors, why bound yourself to just one? The balayage coloring technique gains more and more appraisal with each day, revealing that hair can live up to the expectations of becoming a work of art. But what is balayage you ask? It is the French word for “sweeping” or “painting” and in the hair art world, it means just that: the color is painted on your hair to get a graduated, natural-looking color that takes your ombré up a notch and gives highlights a new meaning. Without further ado, let us look at top X balayage hair color ideas and open up to a world of endless possibilities!

1. The Pearl

balayage hair color ideas pearl

Balayage adds dimension and richness to your locks, so you can have some fun with colors matching your natural one. On the other hand, why shouldn’t you enjoy something truly different and amazing? The pearl balayage has a soft supernatural sea-world flair to it. Inspired by the eerie, seductive mermaids and by the lush luster of pearls, this color works amazing if you want to take your blonde hair up a few notches. You should consider a deeper root shadow in a sandy or bronde tone, followed by a light white with the slightest hint of pinkish-purple ends or metallic white/chrome ends. In other words, the world is going to be your oyster and you will be a princess of the seas.

2. Rose Quartz

balayage hair color ideas rose quartz

Rose quartz was Pantone’s Color of the Year not so long ago and many women wore plenty of shades of pink with their hair highlights. However, since we are talking about balayage hair color ideas, we are talking about more than highlights. In fact, in order to get the rose quartz balayage, you need rosy accents mixed into cool silver hair for an ethereal shade that will make you look spectacular.

3. Blue Balayage

balayage hair color ideas blue

Last year we witnessed a rise of natural and neutral shades taking over our hairstyles, but 2018 promises to be a very colorful year. When it comes to 2018 hair trends, most experts agree that we will see plenty of purples and mixed rainbow-like highlights come spring. But specialists’ hairstyles predictions aside, you know blue is the go-to color when you want something different for your hair. The best part is that blue works with blonde, brown, and black hair altogether. This particular balayage trend matches any starting shade. Nevertheless, keep in mind that it will show up best when paired with lighter shades, like blonde or platinum.

BONUS: The Mermaid

balayage hair color ideas mermaid

If you want to really stand out of the crowd, mix the blue hues with lilac ones for even more spectacular results. Lilac works well with blonde hair and light shades, making you wonder if the pearl balayage we mentioned above would not benefit greatly from some soft lilac and pink hues as well. Deep white, chrome metals, soft pastels make together one of the most spectacular balayage hair color ideas of the year.

Braiding the loose strands…

What are your favorite balayage hair color ideas of the year? Would you like to experiment with more colors and hues? What would you choose as color schemes? Let us know in the comments section!

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