Cute Short Hair Styles for Women

Looking for a cute new do for your locks? Look no further! We have the cutest and trendiest hairstyles for both the ladies and the gents. This summer short hair has exploded with popularity and we can see why. Short hair is both easier to take care of and it gives you a super fun vibe that screams cool.


Bobs are becoming one of the most trendy short hairstyles because of their versatility and over all cuteness. Bobbed hair is perfect for the woman who wants a professional look that she can dress up for a night on the town. This is an easy to take care of hair do that is easily adaptable to any kind of hair color and texture.


Typically when you think of layered short hair, a not so pretty picture comes to mind. Especially one of a lady with about 40 layers in her hair that would like to speak to your manager. Lucky for us, the hair world has come close to redefining our view on layered short hair by transforming it to a trendy cut! By layering longer shorter hair instead of super short hair, the layer by layer effect is less overwhelming and more subtle and relaxed looking.


To most people, women in particular, bangs have become a statement hairstyle that signifies that you are changing your life and turning a new leaf. To others, like me, bangs have been a fun way to spice up your hair life and make it different from most people. Whichever category you fall into, bangs are a fun thing to feature and incorporate into your hair life that require little upkeep and effort to keep looking pristine.


What do Jennifer Lawrence, Miley Cyrus, and Katy Perry all have in common? Well besides the fact that they have all been on the red carpet 70 or more times, they have also all have or have had pixie cuts! This clean cut look is perfect for an edgy woman who is willing to take a risk. A pixie is a really low maintenance that is effortlessly classy and breath taking no matter if your blonde or have hair with blacks and browns in it. Pixies are also a great cut for older women with gray/grey and white hair who just do not want to keep up with their hair anymore. Either way, a pixie is a great hairstyle for a mature and chic look.


If you are a woman who is not afraid to have dyed hair that is either a natural color or bright colors, give ombré a try! Blondes, brunettes, redheads, and basically every other hair color looks amazing with an ombré hair treatment. It also looks great with all hair textures and thickness, from fine, thin hair to thick, curly locks. This American trend is showing up everywhere in Indian, Asian, Korean, and other fashion trends across the globe because of its versatility.

With short hair, your open a Pandora’s box full of ideas and ways to do your hair. Here are some suggested images and styles that look great with short hairstyles and adds a twist to your hair routine:

  • Braid: This is an easy and quick braid to pull together that looks 10x cuter than a braid with longer hair!
  • Wavy: This girl is looking strikingly fabulous in this adorable wavy do. Replicate this look with a curling want and some hairspray!
  • Straight: Americans are getting into short hair, especially straight short hair! Girls that rock the sleek and confident straightened bob are destined to turned heads. Straighten your short hair and become one of them!
  • Flowers in Your Hair: This womens short hair look is Pinterest-worthy and can be seen everywhere at Coachella. Adding flowers to your hair will automatically give you a feminine and sweet look with whatever you pair it with.
  • This Hot Night Look: Make your next date night one for the books by spicing up your short hair like Julianne Hough! Be as fine as aged wine with this teased and wavy hair that screams vivacity and flirtatiousness, which is absolutely perfect for a night out.
  • Simple Updo: This effortless and relaxed look is perfect for a day spent inside or a night out with friends or even a senior prom! This is a great look no matter the season, whether its winter or summer.

Feeling like these looks may be beyond your hairstyling skill? No worries! Luckily we live in a time where YouTube videos and tutorials are just a click away! Style your short hair with ease by watching them and learning how to execute the styles you love like a professional. So now that we have given you the low down on these short hairstyles, don’t just sit there and crochet like a 65 year old, start cutting your hair.

Short Natural Hair Styles

If you have big, thick hair or your hair is permed, pulling off short hair may be more difficult than expected. Trying to tame all of your naturally puffy and texturized hair into a nice short hairstyle can be quite the chore. Below are some very cute and tamable hairstyles to try out with your natural hair.


Braided hair is an adorable and clean looking way to tame your coarse and kinky hair. Putting your hair in a french braid will be perfect for a wide variety of occasions; you can go straight from a cookout to a job interview without changing your hair! This do is the solution for any woman on the go.


If you are spunky individual in search of a low maintenance look, let your black curls shine with this jammin’ mohawk! By shaving the sides and growing out the hair on the top of your head, a mohawk is born.  Keep up with it by using some oils and mousse to ensure that your mohawk will never fall flat.


Deciding to cornrow your hair is a trendy choice when having short hair. The question is whether you want to cornrow all of your hair or just partially cornrow it (like the photo above). Either way, cornrows is a cool choice of short hairstyle for hair that derives from African roots.

Reverse Perm

If you are tired of having to constantly take care of your curly natural hair and are willing to invest some money, try getting a reverse perm. A reverse perm makes your spiral locks straight, its almost like an anti-perm. You can get a reverse perm at any hair salon and requires few treatments after getting it.

Shaved Sides

No need for a weave when your hair is in this cute buzzed style! By cropping your hair to just an inch or two, you have the freedom to keep it as plain or crazy as you want it! You can make your hair super fun by shaving in designs and lines into your hair. The options are endless with this short do.

Way to Style Short Hair When You Want Long Hair

If you currently have short hair and either regret getting it or are trying to grow it out and transition, this is the part of the blog that is for you! You may want to make your hair look longer like for something formal like a teenage prom or a wedding, but you can also do it just cause. Here are the best ways to make your haircut gain more length.


If you are planning on going to or being in a formal event, such as weddings or a bridesmaid or going to a party, an up do is your best friend for making your hair look longer when trying to veil your short hair. When it comes to an updo (off the side or not), braids are your best friend. By teasing braids and layering them, your hair will look like it has more volume, and thus, more hair. This will definitely look good in pictures!

Weaves and Extensions

If you hair is of medium length or in that middle ground on its way transitioning to being longer, a weave or extensions may be the best option for you. While this may be the more costly choice, if you choose the right one, it will look absolutely fabulous and natural. Just sew in a weave or get extensions made out of human hair to create a long hair effect. This looks even better if you get a blowout to create more lush, softer looking hair.

If you have no Hair

If you are bald as a result of chemo or personal choice, throw away the bandana and start looking into wigs. Wigs are not as fake and terrible looking as they once were. Now supermodels and other celebrities are choosing to wear wigs because of the fun and fancy way that they look. By investing in a wig or two, your hair will look naturally longer as long as you do your research and find the perfect match. No one will be able to tell!

Best Face Shapes for a Short Hair Style

Short hair looks better on some people more than others which is mostly due to their face shapes. Listed below are the six most common facial shapes (out of the possible 50-60)  and the to hairstyles to have and avoid.


A heart shaped face is characterized by a wider upper face which gently becomes thinner until it reaches the chin, like a heart. These shaped faces can go along with a lot of different hairstyles, but there is a risk of making your face look too fat or wide.


  • Side bangs
  • Shoulder length layers
  • Top buns


  • Straight cut full bangs
  • Slicked back looks
  • Short, full hairstyles


An long face is longer than it is wide, this leaves a long, straight cheek line that creates a great canvas for different hairstyles. The only thing to look out for is that the hairstyle does not make your face look any longer or thinner than it is.


  • Bob cuts
  • Straight across bangs
  • Long layers


  • Hairstyles that add height to the top of your head
  • Middle parts
  • Chin length hair with no body


An oval facial shape has equal width of the jawline and forehead with a curvilinear line connecting the two. The length of the face is often 1.5x more than the width, creating an oval shape. This face shape can be complimented by many different hairstyles. In my personal opinion, this is the best face shape to have because you have endless opportunities to try out and pull of super cute hairstyles.


  • Any kind of length
  • A hairstyle that compliments the part of your face that you want to accentuate.
  • Asymmetrical cuts


  • Any hairstyles that cover your face shape


Those with a triangular face have a thin forehead and cheekbone area which flow down into a heavy jaw. Choosing the right hairstyle for this face shape is all about balancing out the narrow forehead and cheekbone area with the jawline.


  • Layers that bring more volume towards the top of your head
  • Short hair that is tapered towards the jawline


  • Long hairstyles that are flat
  • Bobcuts
  • Hair cuts that bring attention to your chin


Faces that are square tend to have angular jaws and a wider forehead and cheekbone area. This facial shape looks wider and bigger in size and is quite striking. The trick to finding the perfect hairstyle is to find what haircut softens your face the most.


  • Side swept bangs
  • Short and medium length hair with wispy ends
  • Hairstyles that have height at the top of your head


  • Blunt bobs
  • Middle parts accompanied by solid bangs


A round face shape is where the length of the face is about equal to its with, creating a circular face above the neck. Finding a hairstyle the shows the balance of this facial shape without making it look wide or long is the key to the best hairstyle.


  • Long hair that stay close to the cheeks
  • Hairstyles that create height and fullness at the crown
  • Any short hairstyle


  • Side parts with heavy bangs
  • Bobs that are too sharp

How to Style Short Hair

When styling short hair, although you have less surface area than long hair, it still requires a good chunk of time. You can definitely style it at home with ease as long as you have the right equipment and products. When styling short hair you should probably own:

  • 10-30 Bobby Pins
  • Flat Iron
  • Mouse
  • Hair Curling Wand
  • Hair Pin
  • Hair Spray
  • Etc.

This way, by having all of the necessities, you will be able to face any bad hair day that your hair strand may face you with. With short hair, the biggest thing that you need to take care of is that you protect your hair against split ends. You can accomplish this by purchasing a protective spray to prevent your hair from not getting burned when you are exposing it to heat or chemicals. Holding onto these tips will help to prevent you cute short hair from looking choppy. After you get used to your short hair and its ways and quirks, you will be able to get your hair routine done quicker and quicker. This will aid you in being able to leave soon after for work or giving you more time to make dinner. Short hair care is definitely different at first when you are used to having long flowing locks to take care of, but once you get the hang of it, it can be a refreshingly short hair routine!

Handsome Hair Styles for Men

If you’re a dude who is tired of messy and shaggy hair and is up for a change, check out some of the rad haircuts below to help get you out of your routine! We have both fashion-forward hairstyles for the trendy guys and traditional hairstyles for the boys that like the old fashioned styles. You will be sure to find a haircut that you will enjoy below!

Traditional Mens Short Hair Styles

Not into the bold frosted tips of the 90s but want a traditional haircut instead? Good choice! We stand behind you 100% in saying no to ramen hair like JT. Traditional hair styles can easily get one done while at the salon in a matter of minutes and can even be accomplished at home if you don’t want to wait in line.

Textured with Fringe

A textured fringe hair is perfect for those who have a double crowns or cow licks because it lets your hair be quirky and look trendy. This style is best for those who have thicker hair rather than thinner because the texture will come out much better. If you decide to get this haircut you will have to go into the barber with longer hair so that you can achieve the volume on top. This is an easy hairstyle to take care of because all you need to do is wait til its dry until you apply product.

French Cut

Getting a French cut will automatically make you more of a strapping man. This hairstyle looks good with a plethora of facial shapes and can even help a brother out who has a receding hairline. Because of the fullness on top and the cropped sides, a French cut creates a more well rounded and full head of hair. This is the perfect short hairstyle for the guy who is constantly on the go and wants low maintenance hair to match.

Buzz Cut

Ah yes, the classic Buzz Cut. Perhaps the most low maintenance haircut of all time. A close Buzz Cut is ideally suited for those with a square face and impressive jawline. For the male who is not as blessed noggin-wise as others in the angular jawline area, we suggest not buzzing too much off of the top and instead leaving some extra length and tuft. This adds more height to your head and enhances your jawline.


The pompadour can be found in a variety of lengths, but all of them are extremely sophisticated looking. This men’s hairstyle is great for all hair types and can be altered to your face shape to be the most flattering. For example, someone with a narrower, more oval shape face would get a wider and more softer pompadour. This classic hairstyle will not disappoint you because it will bring both style and flair to your everyday outfits and events.

Trendy Hair Styles for Short Hair

Getting a short trendy hair cut is the perfect way to spice up your life and wardrobe. Being trendy is not all about wearing hipster glasses and discussing why you prefer Brazilian coffee #4c over Columbian coffee #3c and #4b any day, but instead being trendy is about having fun with fashion and finding where you thrive. Here are some of the latest and most different hairstyles that are gracing society today.


The fade is becoming an increasingly popular trend, especially with young adults, because of how clean and sexy it looks. A fade looks good with any head shape and can be altered, just like a pompadour, to compliment your head shape. Be sure to check out all the different 41+ variations of this hot trend to see which one matches your style and personality.


Undercuts are the perfect trend for guys with long hair to follow. Who knows, maybe this haircut will be next on Harry Styles hair list. Undercuts looks extremely good with a well trimmed beard and can vary in length. Undercuts can be paired with short and long hair, but both give different vibes. While a short undercut can be seen as professional and clean, longer undercuts are seen as more artsy, especially if pulled up into buns or a ponytail. If you want to look extra artsy, try having dreadlocks on top of your undercut. Maybe not.

Undercut/Shaved with Designs

An undercut or shaved head with designs is a new trend that many teens and adults are trying. Shaving a design into your haircut is a fun way to add your personal touch and personality to your hair. So if you are thinking about, planning, or have an undercut/shaved head, strongly consider this unique trend.

Faux Hawk

A faux hawk is no longer the hairstyle choice of disgruntled teens at 2013 or 2014 Red Hot Chili Pepper concerts, but is now a 2015 -2017 trend for the lumber-sexual or everyday dude. This spiky do is less commitment than a mohawk plus it is a great hairstyle choice for those who have wider faces because the drama on top will help length and narrow the face. This faux hawk is fo sho for you.

Styles for Short Hair That Make it Look Longer

If you are looking at growing out your hair or have little to no hair but want it to look longer, look no further! Here are some fun tips and ideas on how to make your thinning hair, or lack there of, look much fuller and longer.

  • Use a thickening hair product
  • Straighten your hair
  • Add shine to your hair
  • Get layers if you have medium-length hair
  • Lose the side part

Styling Short Hair Quick Tips

When styling your hair, or if you are styling a kids hair, you will want a regiment that  will be much quicker so you can be done before school or work. Depending on what short hair style you are rocking, you may or may not need to use a lot of product. For example, those with a crew cut require little to no upkeep, while guys with a pompadour should invest a good 15-30 minutes into making their hair look good every morning. Here are some tips that are easy to learn to store in the back of your brain when getting your hair ready in the morning.

  •  Keep a razor or a pair of scissors handy to cut away stray long hairs
  • Wash your dirty hair when it is greasy and frizzy in texture
  • Wet down any hairs that sprout up like Alfalfa from Little Rascals to loc them down
  • Have a hair dryer lying around so you can be fast at whipping it out in case your hair doesn’t have time to dry


Now, after fifty years, that you are finished reading the article, you no longer have to search any www.short,, or any other www site in search of your short hair questions. I hope that you enjoyed this article and thank you so much for reading it. If you have any other short hair questions that were not answered, feel free to leave a comment below!