A French manicure always looks clean, polished, and elegant. The widely popular white tip is probably the easiest design you can achieve when you decide for a French manicure. However, the classic French tip nail designs for short nails or longer ones should not limit themselves to the same color combination. In fact, there are endless twists to the traditional white tips French nails you can pull off easily. We will look today at five French tip nail designs for short nails and discuss a few simple tips and ways to get the best and most interesting French nails ever!

​1. Change the Tips’ Color

The easiest way to give your classic French tip nails designs a new quirky twist is to change the tips color. You can replace the white with anything you like: purple, red, black, blue, and green, anything you love! However, one of the growing trends in French nails these days is coloring your tips in multiple colors for a summery feminine effect. Such manicure goes well with any colored and cool outfit. Keep the nail clear with a high-quality gel and go crazy with the tips! You can opt for pastel colors or you can go bold and bright!

​2. The Polka Dots Reign

Since we arrived at the land of infinite French tip nail designs for short nails sporting a polka dots fiesta, let us look at two designs we love most:

  • ​Small black dots to highlight the white French manicure nail tips: the black and white combination is timelessly classic and elegant. You cannot go wrong with it. The refined, small, discrete black dots add a bit of flair to an otherwise simple French manicure. This design goes well with office days.

  • ​Rainbow polka dots: one of the easiest ways to add a touch of quirkiness, fun, and buzz to your French nails is to add polka dots to the differently colored tips. This design builds on the one we presented above, making it even jollier. If you want to spice up your days or party outfits, this is the French nail design you should go for. This is a good way to begin your quest for getting the French tips nail designs for summer you love so much.

​3. Nudes with a Twist

Who said French nails should all be pearly or translucent? We love this design as it plays on the same elegance of French nails but it adds a dash of novelty and femininity. Paint the nail in a nude shade, as close as your skin tone as possible. Then use a color of your choice for the tips to achieve a beautiful contrast. Nude nail designs are all the rage right now and they perfectly blend in with French manicures!

​4. Glitter, Glitter Everywhere!

As you probably noticed by now, most French tip nail designs for short nails based on glitter and glamorous applications are all the rage right now. Usually, the elegant way is to add a thin glittery silver or gold line where the white meets the natural looking nail. This adds sophistication to an otherwise classic and demure look. If you want to spice things up, rhinestones will take your French manicure to the next level. French tip nail designs with glitter particularly go well with weddings and black-tie parties or ceremonies.

​5. Veritable Nail Art

Why stop at painting the tips in different colors or adding a spark of metallic polishes or glitter? Why do not you try some amazing nail art designs? There are dozens of drawings you can mix on your beautiful French nails, no matter if their tips are white or colored. We already saw a few stiletto nails designs to leave you breathless. Many designs work just as well on short nails, even if you have a limited space to paint. Become your own impressionist painter and turn those nails into works of art!

Waiting for the Nails to Dry…

… Tell us what French tip nail designs for short nails you loved most! What are your favorite French nails designs? Do you prefer the classic white tip French manicure? Do you experiment with other designs as well?

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