Women with thin hair often feel that there are no suitable hairstyles for them to hide the fine hair problem, achieve volume and texture, and look effortlessly cool. But let’s be realistic: we live in an era which abounds in creativity, imagination, and skill – therefore, you will find plenty of haircuts for thin hair that match your face shape, personal style, age, and attitude. A hairstylist can do wonders if you are willing to experiment with either long or short haircuts for thin hair. Therefore, here are five gorgeous haircuts for thin hair to enjoy all year long!

1. The Bowl Cut

A tapered bowl cut may put you off for a second, but think about Rihanna, and you will regain your peace of mind. It is a cute and boyish cut with layers and plenty of buzz at the bottom. This haircut works great for straight hair – and when you keep it slightly tousled and shaggy, you will make an outstanding appearance with no effort whatsoever. What you need to know is that thin hair cut works great with almost any type of hair color, from the darkest to the funkiest you can think of!

bowl cut

2. The Layered Bob for Thin Hair

If Missy Elliot is not an example of how to pull off spectacularly a layered bob for thin hair and round faces, we do not know what is. The layered bob for thin hair needs to be lifted at the roots. You can try an asymmetric cut, or a one-side swept cut for a non-flat, cute effect. The biggest advantage is that you can try any hair color in a monochrome design or with different types of highlights.

 layered bob

3. Subtly Highlighted Feathered Pixie Cut

If your thin hair is quite high-maintenance when long, you should try a feathered pixie cut. Add in some subtle highlights, and you will get a fresh, young, stylish look. You can also pick a choppier pixie cut, or a more feminine one. The cut is modern and makes one of the best hairstyles for fine hair over 40. It is also suitable for young girls, so do not give age too much thought! A light summery blonde color with delicate highlights make you look like a superstar!

 feathered pixie

4. The Disconnected Undercut Short Pixie

The haircuts for thin hair should all play with layers and fringes to make your hair look textured and more voluminous. If you are the sporty type of girl who does not suffer any weight in summer, the disconnected undercut is a modern way to make the best out of your fine hair. The more layers and buzz your hairdo shows, the more fresh and young you will look. This haircut goes well with silver or white blonde shades and maybe some darker roots for a spectacular effect.

 disconnected undercut pixie haircut

5. Medium-Length Textured Haircut

If you do not want a short haircut, you can try a medium one. There are two main strategies to make the best out of your thin hair: color and texture. If you have wavy hair, this haircut is your best choice. Make sure you also pick a good color to make the haircut stand out of the crowd! Stick to the sharp lines and delicately chopped cuts around the ends, and you will be this summer’s queen!

medium textured haircut

What is your favorite cut among these gorgeous haircuts for thin hair? Do you have other hairstyles you prefer this year?

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