If you have a cracked tooth and you cannot reach your dentist as soon as possible, here are some tricks you could do to help you get rid of the pain. This could happen to anyone and, unfortunately, one can ever be ready for this. However, you can prevent your problem from aggravating by using these pieces of advice.

You need to keep in mind that these solutions are only temporary and are meant to fix your problem on the spot, helping you until you reach your dentist’s office.

​Simple Remedies to Fix A Cracked Tooth

A tooth may crack if you chew something hard. Depending on the crack, pain may occur immediately after the injury. Try to see whether a part of your tooth is missing after you felt it cracking. If you feel the shard in your mouth, do not swallow it. Spit it out and save it.

Often, your cracked tooth might not cause immediate pain. It may only hurt when chewing or when eating cold or hot foods. This means you gain tooth sensitivity. If you still have the shard of the tooth, take it with you when you visit your dentist. The doctor might be able to reattach it. Put the shard into a container with milk to prevent it from rotting.

​Cold compress and pain killers

Make sure you use a cold compress to ameliorate swelling. If the pain continues to grow, use pain killers. Avoid chewing on that side and also you should avoid very cold or very hot foods and drinks. The food you eat should have a neutral temperature. Furthermore, you need to consume only low sugar foods because eating something sweet may also trigger the pain. To alleviate your pain, you could use natural remedies.

You may place a garlic clove directly on your broken tooth. Also, you can try to apply a mixture of bayberry and vinegar. To prevent a tooth infection, you may use calendula petals on the affected area or clove oil. Just like the clove oil, sage and myrrh also have antiseptic properties.

​Temporary dental cement

​You could purchase temporary dental cement online, and you can cover up exposed nerves if this is the case. However, this would only last for a short period of time, but at least it will allow you to eat normally until you see your doctor.

​Emery board

​If you chipped one of your front teeth, then you only have a cosmetic problem. You can buy a plain ‘emery board’ to file down the edge of the broken tooth. Therefore, you will prevent your tooth from injuring your tongue or your lip.

​If the tooth fell off

You could use a clean cloth to keep your tooth in place. Furthermore, you can also try biting a wet tea bag to maintain your tooth in place until you get to see your doctor. If your emergency call determined your dentist to make room for a short appointment with you, then you can hold your tooth between your gums and cheek until you get there.

Image Source: www.yourdentistryguide.com

However, if you cannot hold your tooth in place and it completely came out, then make sure you place it in a container filled with your saliva or milk.

​Summing up

These tricks can only temporarily save you from trouble. Make sure you contact your dentist as soon as possible and establish an appointment.