Implants aren’t Expensive, Neglect is!

“Dental treatments and Implants are darn expensive! I wouldn’t dare get one.” Do you have such thoughts while contemplating dental implants and treatments for yourself? In the event of tooth decay which is irrevocable, dental implants are the savior (provided the material used comprehends with the oral physiology of the patient).

Dental Implants and Structural Composition

Since dental implants are meant to coordinate with the human dental anatomy, it is imperative that the chemical composition of the implant resonates with the structural arrangement of the teeth, gums, or even mucus of the person. The favorite choices for implant material by the dentists’ is ‘Titanium.’ It is one of those metal alloys which scores high as far as its compatibility with the biomechanical and physiological attributes of the oral structure is concerned.

Other variants of dental implants you can find stocked in the clinic of your Dentist(Mumbai) or Cosmetic dentist in Mumbai are cement-retained implants and screw-retained implants respectively.

Custom Implants in Cosmetic Dentistry

3D-enabled custom implants are slowly and steadily gaining momentum in the cosmetic dentistry paraphernalia. Custom implants are used for the resurrection of craniofacial defects or correcting the gingivitis anomalies. Again, Titanium is considered to be the preferred choice for custom implants. Other selections for custom implants are chrome cobalt and polyetheretherketone, respectively.

The above choices for dental implants adhere to dental morphing adaptations that ensure higher success rates in patients opting for such implants. It is important that the implants retain their functionalities in high and low temperatures or even temperature fluctuations without causing any damage to the dental structure of the patient. Your Dentist in Delhi (or other cities) must confirm the pros and cons of the dental implants before you agree for the surgery.

Dental Implants v/s Natural teeth and their Maintenance

There are several parameters the dental implants in India (and other parts of the world) must adhere to before a patient is subjected to it. It is a well-known fact that anything which is artificial takes time to respond to the human anatomy or physiological processes. Many times, the human body rejects a foreign infiltrator (if it does not find the foreign particle friendly). Some of the major areas of concern when it comes to responding to artificial teeth or dental implants are the mechanical properties of the implants, corrosion resistance behavior (or response), bio-compatibility and its aesthetic orientation, respectively.  Of course! Cost is always a concern but can be overlooked in the majority of cases.

In the event of the dental implants are a misfit to the patient’s dental anatomy, he or she may experience certain allergic reactions. These allergies may erupt immediately after the implant, but in several cases, the patients might experience such reactions at a later period. Now, you must be anticipating what kind of allergic reactions to expect? Well, in general, the patient may suffer from hypersensitivity issues, eczema, or even the redness of the skin (gums or mucosa).

Gold as Dental Implants

Now, this concept of having gold dental implants has been here in India from the early ages. It is a sign of affluence within a family or someone who just wants to show-off. But wait, gold as a metal has got medicinal properties too. Some of the treatments gold is used in are to correct rheumatoid arthritis, tumor treatments, reconstructive surgeries for ear or upper lid (eyes), etc. etc. etc. So, it is not bad to resort to gold implants when compared other forms of alloy-based metallic or artificial implants available today.  Check with your Cosmetic Dentist in Mumbai which includes all the Dental Clinics in Mumbai (or other places) if they have a gold implant option available for you.

Properties of Dental Implants

So far the information portrayed in the article emphasizes the importance of the characteristics of dental implants (available in ist and other cities), particularly their physical attributes must harmonize with the dental anatomy. There are two different approaches that a dentist takes to match the dental behaviors of the patient. First one is chemical based products, i.e., ceramics and other one is biologically inclined. To further categorize these dental implants may come in the form of metals (or alloys), polymers and even natural materials.

There are other biological substitutes or compositions, e.g., the ‘bioinert’ implants which have the property of allowing the growth of bones on its surface making it a plausible option for dental implants.

What Happens if the Dental Implant is a Misfit?

A different inclusion can create a disturbance with the overall nomenclature of the dental configuration if it is a misfit. A wrong dental implant can cause emotional distress, difficulty in eating or even sleeping and other physical activities. Therefore, it is quite important to report any inconvenience the patient experience after the dental surgery.

Besides implanting techniques, there are other prototyping methodologies dental science has engineered and brought about in the field of dentistry to help patients with a variety of dental issues. Cosmetic dentistry also uses Rapid prototyping techniques to save time while creating a clone for the affected tooth or gum.

Depending on the affected areas in the mouth, rapid prototyping techniques in Cosmetic dentistry uses casting wax filaments, laser techniques, and even an inkjet printer technology to reconstruct dentures or perform the dental implant surgeries.

The entire article is drafted to create awareness about how important dental implants in India can be (for various scenarios, for aesthetics, or clinical issues). Expenses incurred during a dental implant surgery may make a hole in your pocket, but it will not cost you your health, and that’s what makes sense.


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