When I think about girly feminine manicures, the first thing that comes to my mind are pink and white nails. You can never go wrong with these two polish colors. If you want to look stylish and have a great manicure that brightens up your day, you should follow our designs recommendations.

Top 6 Amazing Ideas for Pink and White Nails

a woman's hand with gorgeous dotted manicure

6. White & Pink Stripes

Even though pink is girly enough, you can add a little extra delicacy using white to create a simple yet elegant pattern on your nails. Apply a pink base coat. Then, use a smaller and thinner nail brush to create white lines on your nails.

5. Crystal Art

A great idea to gain a stunning look is adding 3D patterns on your nails. It might seem tricky at first, but it’s not that difficult. All you have to do is applying a base coat on your nails. Then, use a smaller brush or a nail needle to create beautiful floral designs. Finally, you can fix rhinestones in the center of the flowers to make the design come to life.

4. Penguin Nail Design

This is one of the best pink and white nails you can have because it will instantly boost your mood whenever you look at your manicure. Start with a white base coat and create a voluptuous pattern in the shape of a dancing penguin, using black and pink lines. If you don’t want a penguin, you can also create other shapes in the form of small cats or other cute animals.

3. Heart Nail Design

All of you out there that have short nails don’t have to stress about it anymore. This is a great design that suits your nails too. To make them look as if they were made at a salon, you should apply a pink base coat polish. Then create a heart shape design in the center of your nails. Surround this pattern with small white bubbles. It will look fabulous, and it is a pattern that all girls love.

2. V-Shimmer Look Nail Design

If you really want to have an original nail design that will help you stand out in the crowd, you should try this one. Apply a white base coat on your nails. Complete the look by adding a copper shimmer color at the base of your nails, forming a triangle on each nail. It is an eye-catchy pattern that works great for parties and other events.

1. Geometrical Shapes Nail Design

To add a vibrant touch to your manicure, use different mixes of geometrical shapes on your nails. Create a pink base and add small black circles on some of your nails. Combine them with nails on which you will apply a white base coat matched with thin black stripes.

Let’s Recap

I hope all of the above pink and white nails designs will be helpful and inspire you to create new manicures and gain a unique creative look. Let your creativity flow and make gorgeous manicure stand out in the crowd, using the above simple techniques.

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