One of the latest trends, when it comes nail design, has to do with the recent craze about negative space. Los Angeles is full of people that are going bare on the streets, but not like you think. The city is completely crazy over this style of manicure that is getting more and more popular among both expert nail artists and normal people. So, after a while of only seeing French manicures, half and glitter dips, it seems that salons are now taking it a step further. In this article, we will present you some negative space nail designs that are taking the world by storm right now.

Some experts are calling this “base coat nail art” which basically means that a minimalist nail art gets painted over a clear, glossy coat. The design doesn’t even matter, as long as it follows these simple rules. From flowers and dots to lines and other shapes, every such design looks absolutely incredible and most importantly, it’s very easy to create. All you need, if you want to make this design at home, is a striping brush and some tape. For some extra inspiration, here are some of the prettiest negative space nail designs. Enjoy!

1. Elegant black negative space nail design

This is probably the design that most people wanted when this negative space nail design trend started a while ago. The idea is first to apply a clear and glossy base coat and then apply some very thin stripes of clear tape. You can create absolutely any design that you want, taking inspiration from this particular one or be creative. Geometric designs are the prettiest for this kind of nail art. Moreover, the nail polish color doesn’t have to be black or even dark. You can use any color that you like and experiment.

2. Colorful negative space nail design

For this particular design, you also need a clear glossy base coat applied over the nail, preferably short. Then, using a striping brush and being extra careful, you only need to paint the base and the top parts of the nail bed. Use many different colors, from red to purple and white. The lines should be as thin as possible to create that cool and beautiful effect on the nail. This is the reason why this design works best on short nails whereas the previous one works better on longer nails.

3. Pastel negative space nail design

This is probably the simplest such nail design that you can make, no matter if you want to go to a salon or want to do it at home. The rules are the same. Apply a clear and glossy base coat over your nail, which should preferably be longer. Then, using either a striping brush or clear tape applied over half of the nail and then a normal nail polish brush, paint only half of your nail. For this design, you should only use pastel nail polishes, from pinks and yellows to baby blues and grays. It’s all up to you.

Summing it all up

So, what did you think about our article on the best negative space nail designs? Are you going to try them now that you know they are so easy to recreate? Show us your results down below!
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