For a few years, nail art has been continuously changing and adapting to those modern times. This doesn’t mean that the classic red or one-colored nails are not trendy anymore. Those are timeless and classic. However, inspired by minimalism, nail art design has began adapting certain shapes and introducing them into the everyday culture. So, don’t be surprised to see very graphic nail art designs on people’s nails while they’re walking to their jobs. They come in every color, shape and size, and look good on short, medium-length and long nails alike.
And because this type of nail art design has become more and more popular, we have decided to introduce it to those not so familiar with it. For this article, we have prepared some of the cutest graphic nail art designs that you can easily try at home because they’re very easy to replicate. You don’t need a lot of tools or even colors. You only need a bit of patience, dedication and a hand that doesn’t shake. If careful, you might just obtain some incredibly-beautiful nails which everyone will ask you about. Here we go!

1. Colorful checkered nails

This type of graphic nail design was initially inspired by the chess board. However, for this particular look, you need colorful nail polish to turn it into something even more beautiful. Take shades of red, blue, green, black and white and start playing. Carefully draw rectangles and squares on your nails using some of these colors so that every shape has a different color. This is all about playing with shapes and colors so that you get something that will attract everyone’s attention. This design looks good on both short and longer nails, but you might have to work a bit more on shorter nails. After you’re done, apply a clear top coat and enjoy your trendy nails.

2. Nude and black geometric design

This nude and black geometric design is very elegant and perfect for a serious occasion or for going to the office. You will first need to apply a nude base and then, taking a toothpick and some white nail polish, start drawing geometric lines to split your nail into sections. You can leave two nails completely empty and just paint them one more time with the nude. After drawing the white lines, fill certain spaces with black nail polish but don’t overdo it! If these sections are small fill in two, if they’re larger, only one. Apply a matte top coat when you’re done and voila!

3. Black and white design

This final nail art design is very easy to do but very pretty and unusual. It may look like something you put on your dinner table, but don’t worry! That’s the point. Begin by painting your nails with white nail polish. Then, with the tip of a toothpick, take black nail polish and draw straight lines like in the example. Your goal is to obtain some white squares. That’s it! Apply a glossy or matte top coat and there you have it!

In conclusion

So, what did you think about our list of graphic nail art designs? Are they easy enough to try at home? Will you do it too? Tell us and show us your results down below!
Image source: wikimedia