The warm season is upon us, and there is nothing more fun than to start experimenting with brighter colors of nail polish. Summer is always a special season because all manicurists and nail artists are trying to come up with unique ideas and to create trends every year. However, based on the nails seen on runways, it seems that we might have a tamer season this year. While some models still wore embellished and glittery nail polish, most of them kept it subtle and classic. These are the summer 2018 nail trends that we will detail in our article.

Runway trends are one thing, they look cool, everyone likes to see them, but when it comes to actually wearing them, things get a little complicated. Nail trends fall into that same category. This is exactly why we have chosen, based on the advice of some of the best nail experts out there, some of the most wearable and beautiful summer 2018 nail trends that everyone will be able to wear. We have simple colors, and we also have patterns that are not difficult to achieve. Here we go!

The Classic Red Nail

Founders of Côte, Mary Lennon, and Leah Yari are putting all their money on the classic red nail as a must-have summer 2018 trend. Red is timeless and wearable at all times. This is why it will always be present on every runway, no matter the season or the year we’re in. Yes, the red nails are one of this summer’s trends, regardless of how simple that might sound. You can wear any shade of red, paired with any shape of nail. Red looks incredible on stiletto nails, but it also does on shorter, more oval ones. So, it’s all up to you and what you like to wear.

From The Ocean

While blue was a big nail trend for this Spring, it also transferred into the Summer season, with a twist. Ocean blue nail polish is one of the most beautiful things that you can wear on your nails. It’s inspired by the ocean’s color, mermaids, and the foam of the sea. It shouts summer with all its strength. Here is a trick. Wear darker shades of blue on long nails, and baby blues on shorter ones. These shades will compliment your nails and hands and will look amazing.

Colorful Stripes

Famous manicurist Jin Soon Choi loves incorporating colorful stripes on an otherwise simple nail color. If during this Spring black was the clear winner when it came to stripes on nails, for the summer, you need to go all colorful. And no, this is not a style that you can only wear on long nails. It works very well on shorter ones too. The stripes can be long, short, thick, thin, horizontal, vertical, or even diagonal. It’s all up to you and how you like to do your nails.

Wrapping It All Up

So, what do you think about these summer 2018 nail trends that are very in right now? Are they difficult to wear on a daily basis? We don’t think so! Show us your nail art if you’ve chosen to replicate one of these tends down below!

Image source: wikimedia