Flaking nails are one of the most annoying things that can happen when you’re finally feeling good about yourself. Sometimes, they are like breakups; they happen, but you’re never exactly sure why. Well, it seems that is not always the case because flaking nails do happen because of either a lack of care or things that are happening inside out bodies. The truth is that you can always do more for your nails, even if you are getting constant manicures. Sometimes, that might not be enough.

It’s worth mentioning that flaking nails actually have a more scientific name: onychoschizia. This characterizes brittle or very thin nails that usually have split or flaky ends. The main idea is that when this happens, it can ruin your mood. You may no longer want to go to a part or go out with your friends. If that is the case, we are here to help, and we have created a list of possible causes for flaking nails and how to deal with them. Read carefully and you might just get rid of those annoying flaking nails.

Possible causes of flaking nails

  • On of the main causes that makes our nails go flaky is dryness. Your nail beds can get extremely dry, especially if you are not applying a base coat when doing your manicure. During winter, your nails can get even worse and it’s all because of the harsh weather and low temperatures.
  • Another frequent cause of flaking nails is repeated exposure to certain chemicals or water. So, if you are frequently swimming or washing dishes, it can badly affect your nails. The same thing happens when you’re suing detergents and nail polish. Your nails also become more brittle because of the constant wetting and drying of your nails.
  • Then there are medical causes like a vitamin deficiency or even anemia. Flaking nails can also make an appearance because of thyroid or skin disorders, like psoriasis.

How to deal with them

The first rule to deal with flaking nails is to stop picking them! Picking layers off only makes your nails worse and you don’t want that! It might be tempting but avoid doing it! The best alternative is to gently fine the nails that is splitting and leave it like that.

As for how you can stop your nails from flaking in the future, it’s quite simple actually: take good care of them! For example, apply a base coat each time you’re doing your manicure. Then, you can also use cuticle oil to keep your nails hydrated and pair this with a good hand cream to make sure that you stay moisturized.

What you eat is also very important. Keep a balanced diet with zinc and selenium which are particularly good for your nails, skin and hair. Eat things like nuts, mushrooms, fish, poultry, eggs, wholegrains and shellfish. Your skin, nails and hair will thank you for this later and most importantly, you will get rid of the flaking nails problem.

In conclusion

So, what did you think about these details regarding the issue of flaking nails? Will you take good care of them in the future? What about your diet? Are you a nail picker? If that’s the case, you should stop right now! Tells us more about your experience down below!

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