When being asked to choose between different social media platforms, most people are now going to choose Instagram. It has surpassed in popularity almost every other such platform out there. Most users are saying that is because Instagram is so visual and inspiring. And you can do everything you did on the other platforms here too. Plus, the InstaStories are one of the most fun ways to spend a few extra free minutes when you’re bored. But Instagram is also useful for something else: nail inspiration. This is precisely the reason why we have chosen some incredible accounts which showcase the best nail art on Instagram and which you should definitely follow.

These accounts belong to professionals who know what they’re doing and showing on their page. Click on a random picture, and you will most certainly be filled with inspiration. There’s simply no other way when it comes to there people. They are talented, artsy, and will make you want to have their job too. So, without any introduction, here are four of the best Instagram accounts for nail art inspiration that you should follow right away. Enjoy!

1.      Fleury Rose

Before following this incredible Instagram account, you should know that this is not a random person. Rose is a very-appreciated blogger and nail artist. Apart from this, and maybe the most important thing, she is an Illamasqua nail ambassador. What more can you ask from a nail expert? You can expect exactly what her bio says. She shows unique, badass, original, and fresh nails on her page. You will surely not get bored watching her activity. She has recently done some Coachella-inspired nails that are to die for!

2.      Astro Wifey

Astro Wifey is actually Ashley Crowe, an incredible nail artist and the founder of the famous nail-art magazine called Tipsy Zine. What can you expect from her? Well, crazy-looking nails that often incorporate spikes along with some incredible 3D elements. Moreover, she often puts famous faces on nails, like the tributes she did for Tupac or Biggie. Just look at these artistic, unicorn-inspired nails that look out of this world!

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3.      Madeline Poole

Madeline Poole, apart from being one of the very best nail artists out there, is a Sally Hansen Global Color Ambassador. You know someone is good when they become a “Color Ambassador.” Looking at her Instagram page, you can expect the most fashionable nail designs possible. Want to know what the latest trends are? Go to her page first! She also does minimalistic, like this amazing design.

4.      Jin Soon Choi

Jin Soon Choi is the founder of Jin Soon Hand and Foot Spas and Jin Soon nail polishes. She is also an unbelievable nail artist and, according to sources, the most in-demand nail artist out there right now. Apart from waves of inspiration, you can expect sneak peeks from what she does behind-the-scenes at her runways shows and at the nails she does for photoshoots.

Summing it all up

So, what do you think about these amazing nail artists? Have you looked at their Instagram accounts? Do they have the best nail art on Instagram? We definitely think they do! Tell us your opinion too down below!

Image source: pixabay