The Surprising Health Benefits of Peanut Oil That You Should Know


The Surprising Health Benefits Of Peanut Oil

Peanut oil is just one of the wide range of oils readily available on the market today. Popularly used in cooking, peanut oil falls under the definition of a superfood. This versatile oil lowers cholesterol levels, can help prevent cancer and lowers blood pressure levels. Moreover maintains healthy skin and improves your body's overall blood flow. It truly is a wonder straight from nature. 

This article will take a detailed look at this health and benefits of peanut oil. Let's have a look at where this oil can fit in with your daily routine and diet.

What is Peanut Oil

It is another name for groundnut oil or the Arachis oil. Peanut oil is extracted from the edible parts of the peanut plant. The structure of a peanut plant develops the peanuts underground while the flowers stay aboveground. This is the prime reason it is commonly referred to as groundnut oil.

Peanuts are often classified in a group with other nuts like walnuts and almonds. However, peanuts are actually a part of the pea and bean family.

You can find peanut oil in a variety of flavors and fragrances. These fragrances can range from being mildly sweet to being strong and nutty. This gives rise to several varieties of groundnut oils-each made of a different form from the extraction process.

Cold Pressed Oil

In this form, peanuts are crushed to extract their oil outwards. This process is usually performed in low heat conditions, which helps keep the natural essence and maintain its natural nutritional level.

Refined Oil

Here, peanuts are refined and bleached, and often deodorized to remove all the allergens from them. The process makes this oil safe for those who suffer from peanut allergies. They often use this kind of oil in deep frying processes.

Gourmet Oil

Also known as a specialty oil, gourmet peanut oil is roasted and unrefined in nature. This leaves more room for the oil to be intensely flavored. This type of oil is mainly used in stir-frying methods to give the dishes a nuttier flavor.

Peanut Oil Blend

When this oil is mixed with similar ones, it can give rise to other low-priced oils. Soybean oil is just one example of this kind of blend. This often makes this oil affordable to most consumers and restaurateurs. It is seen as a prime choice for deep frying food items.

Nutritional Information

Groundnut oil is used all around the globe as a part of various delicacies. However, it is more widely popular in the Chinese and the South East Asian culture. Its nutrition facts are as follows:




35-40 (approx.)

Vitamin E Presence

0.7mg 4% RD

Smoking Point


Health Benefits

Here is a closer look at some important health benefits peanut oil offers.

Boost Your Heart Health

Better Cholesterol Levels

Maintains Blood Pressure

Helps Relieve Arthritis Pain

Prevention Of Cancer

Beautify Your Skin

Helps Preserve Neurological Functions

A Remedy For Constipation

Anti-Aging Properties

Key To Healthy Hair

Better Immune System

Using Peanut Oil -
A Different Perspective

Apart from a direct cooking ingredient and as part of your skin care regime, peanut oil can also be used in a few other ways.

​Making Natural Soaps

Thanks to its naturally conditioning properties, you can use the oil to make homemade natural soaps.

The presence of these natural conditioners in the soap will enhance the health of your skin.

Creation Of Biodiesel

Peanuts are composed of more than 50 percent of natural oils, which is the prime reason it can produce such large amounts of biodiesels.

Though this alternative fuel is more expensive compared to its counterparts, it forms a significant part of our future fuel requirements.

Use In Vaccinations

The use of peanut oil in vaccinations has been going on for over fifty decades. It is used in various vaccination shots to enhance immunity levels in a number of people.

Due to its natural antioxidant properties, the oil has become a big part of the medical process.

This oil is truly a versatile ingredient. We can rightly define it as a super food.


Groundnut oil, often overlooked from the health perspective, is a superior super food that can help you in multiple ways.

Not only will it provide your dishes with the 'nuttiness' they require, but it will help your body's antioxidant levels to keep it healthy.

Investing in peanut oil is one of the best decisions you can make. The way you use it is ultimately up to you. The possibilities are endless.


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