Nail art is all the rage right now. Professionals craft amazing masterpieces and we all want to replicate such amazing and sometimes crazy creations. There are many trends when it comes to nails’ shape and color, but few things can compare with the nail designs with rhinestones of our contemporary times. Glamorous and certain to make you stand out of the crowd, nail designs with rhinestones are a dream came true. If you want to make a statement and take peoples’ breath away anywhere you go, we have five dazzling manicure suggestions based on glitz stones and amazing color schemes!

1. All That Glitters is Gold

nail designs with rhinestones coffin nails with glitter and gold strands

We have shown you in the past how to get and maintain coffin nails. Now it is time to take things up a notch and give coffin them an artistic makeover. Just as a veritable painting, you should start with a neutral background to paint on with glitter and rhinestones. The fine golden lines are the cherry on top here. This sophisticated manicure works miracles at weddings, ceremonies, and receptions. It is glamorous, shiny, and sophisticated without going overboard.

2. The Feminine Sophistication

nail designs with rhinestones nude nails acrylic and crystals

We chose this particular design because it is effortlessly sophisticated and beautiful. When it comes to nude nail designs, we have things covered. Nevertheless, starting from this foundation, you can build a monument of beauty in a demure, stylish, feminine way. A few rhinestones discretely placed for a glitzy flair on a nude acrylic background will take you everywhere. This gorgeous manicure works well with office formal suits and party dresses.

3. The Edgy Little Black Manicure

nail designs with rhinestones black nails matte polish gold applications

When it comes to black nails, you either love them or your do not. There is no middle ground. Once associated with rebellious teens, the emo generation, gothic flair parties, loud rock stars, and movie villains, black nails came back with a vengeance to the fashion world. This particular nail design in matte black polish, rhinestones, and golden applications will turn you into a chic and edgy diva. Turn heads, make people talk, stand out of the crowd in the most sophisticated of ways! It is demure and golden age Hollywood glam at the same time.

4. Shine on You Crazy Diamond

nail designs with rhinestones ombre nails pastel shiny polish and crystals

These are ombré nails at their best! Lightly colored in shiny pastel polish and adorned with dazzling rhinestones and crystals, these nails are the bringers of light and high fashion. They are feminine, above all. This is one of those nail designs with rhinestones that do not depend on the occasion. They will make a great impression on weddings and celebrations, black-tie events, high-end parties and sophisticated romantic dates. Slick, glamorous, and eerie, this manicure almost begs for crystal shoes and a princess-worthy night out.

5. No Need of Jewelry

nail designs with rhinestones pink nails with beads and crystals

You may like your nails short and square, stiletto long or anywhere in between. It does not matter. When it comes to nail designs with rhinestones, the sky is the limit. Some such designs also replace the need for wearing rings or bracelets on your hands, because your shiny nails play the role of jewelry and accessories. Start with a pink or nude background and work those rhinestones and crystals to achieve an intricate and elegant design. Such manicure will compliment an evening gown, a Devil-wears-Prada type of business suit, a wedding dress, and so on. You cannot go wrong with it as long as you emphasize on the glitz of the manicure and add some remarkable eye makeup for balance.

All in All…

… Nail designs with rhinestones can take your imagination far and wide. All you need are some good nail tutorials and practice in order to get these fabulous results in the comfort of your home.

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