Knowing how to grow out your eyebrows can transform you into a beauty queen. Your brows, just like your eyes and lips, are your beauty accessories. Bold and dramatic eyebrows are very trendy right now. They are the most distinctive features, defining your face. Many women spend a fortune to grow and maintain their eyebrows nicely shaped.

How to Grow Out Your Eyebrows to Look Natural

Having strong full eyebrows will reflect a youthful appearance. Your brows will define your eyes and your entire face. No matter how much you would like to grow your eyebrows, avoid trying out gels and formulas that contain a great load of chemicals. Even if these products promise to fuel the growth of your eyebrows, they may damage them even more.

Willpower is the crucial

It may be hard to do it, but you should put your tweezers down for a while to let your brows grow. Even if you might find stray hairs growing all over your upper lid, restrain from plucking them. Patience is the key to having beautiful and well-defined eyebrows. Just let them grow for about two or three months. Therefore, you will have thicker and healthier brows.

During this stage, you can use a brow pencil to cover the gaps and enhance the definition. Keep in mind the fact that the color of your brow pencil should be two shades lighter than the color of your hair.

Pay attention to your diet

Pay attention to what you eat during this period. Consuming healthy foods like green vegetable and plenty of fruits can help you. Also, make sure you maintain yourself hydrated. The most important thing here is to eat more foods which are rich in antioxidants, phytonutrients, and vitamins. Hair growth is triggered from the inside out.

Using tweezers

Be patient to learn how to grow out your eyebrows. Let the tweezers down for two months.

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De-stress yourself

Many studies have indicated that unresolved stress can lead to hair loss. Make sure you meditate or do some yoga to leave the stress out. Furthermore, specific positions and movements benefit hair growth. They increase the blood circulation to the head.

Nourish your eyebrows

Condition your brows on a daily basis. After you cleanse and moisturize your face, make sure you apply some hair oil and skin balm on your eyebrows. Use your fingertips to gently massage the oil into your eyebrows’ hair follicles. In this way, you will make sure you stimulate the root to boost hair growth.

After the massage is over, take an eyebrow brush and use it to brush your eyebrows in upward strokes.  Therefore, every hair will be covered in serum. Now that you are done wipe off the excess around the eye area.

Be patient

Hair regrowth takes time. Therefore, patience should become your friend because you do not have another option. When you pluck your eyebrows, it may take about two months for a hair to grow back just the way it was. Make sure the wait is worth it.

Gathering our brushes

Learning how to grow out your eyebrows can be a difficult and slow experience, but in the end, the results will make up for the wait. You just need to be patient and avoid using the tweezers. Let your eyebrows grow naturally and wear them like a diva!

Image Source: The Cut