We all know that finding your perfect eyebrow shape these days is more difficult than finding the love of your life. They can define the way you look and getting them right is crucial. But worry not, fellow beauty enthusiasts, for this task is not impossible. We’ve done our research and found out for you which is the best eyebrow shape for heart face. In fact, there are several. Take a look!

1. Rounded Eyebrows

We surely love our thick patterns that have curves added to them. However, you must say no to bushy brows because your heart-shaped face cannot experiment with that. The whole goal of eyebrow carving here is to soften your features. Therefore, we suggest you go for the medium curved and very well trimmed and polished type of brow. What might actually surprise you here is just how soft and feminine your face will look like with these rounded eyebrows on.

best eyebrow shape for heart face round eyebrows

2. Straight Eyebrows

This type of brow might be a bit tricky to pull off. But it’s completely worth it. The reason is that straight eyebrows are not exactly found naturally on faces. In other words, they are relatively rare. However, if your face is quite decidedly a heart-shaped one, you might benefit from the idea of straight eyebrows because they will bring some much-needed symmetry. Plus, they will take the spotlight off your forehead and down to some other, softer spots on your face, such as your cheeks.

We recommend you do not try this best eyebrow shape for heart face at home, by yourself. Visit your stylist and he or she can help you out. A few simple ways in which you can maintain the look by yourself after you go to the salon is by doing the following.

You can shave the downward hairs which will almost instantly make the brows look straighter. Also, you can trim the hairs that hang at the bottom of the brow and fill everything in with makeup so that you get the straight line you so much desire.

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best eyebrow shape for heart face straight eyebrows

3. Low Arched Eyebrows

If you go for low arched eyebrows when you have a heart shaped face, you can gain one thing. Natural beauty. The best stylists in the world say that the low arch this design creates flows freely, organically, and beautifully with the lines your facial heart features. Here’s a fun fact about low arches. From a psychological point of view, these brows tend to send out the message that you are a very easy going and approachable person.

In fact, they are typically known by another name – ‘coaches’ eyebrows.’ It’s a known fact that people who have this type of brows usually keep their promises and stick with you until you reach the end or win.

best eyebrow shape for heart face low eyebrows

What do you think? Did we nail the best eyebrow shape for heart face not? If you have this type of look, what kind of eyebrows work best for you? Write to us in the comment section below and let us know!

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