Do you have a heart shaped face? Then you need to give thanks to the universe. This type of face typically means a wider brow area and a narrow chin. As a result, your cheekbones must be drawn and highlighted to perfection. However, you still need to find the best hairstyles for heart shaped faces. Here they are.

1. Soft Bangs

Do you want to know what the secret to bangs is? Stylists have finally given it up. You have to cut them at just the perfect length between your eyelids and your eyebrows. In this way, they won’t be too long as to shorten your heart-shaped face, nor will they be too short so as to make you look like a schoolgirl. Take a cue from America’s sweetheart Reese Witherspoon here. She knows all about bangs and the best hairstyles for heart shaped faces.

reese best hairstyles for heart shaped faces

2. Lobs

Speaking of America’s sweethearts and girls next door, how could we possibly gloss over this beauty with a heart shaped face? Jennifer Aniston has been in our hearts since she waltzed in all wet in a wedding dress in that first episode of Friends. She is also the proud owner and promoter of one of the most famous haircuts in the history of cinematography: the Rachel.

Still, was the Rachel a good haircut for a heart shaped face or was it just a crazy 90s fad? Well, maybe it was more the latter than anything else and let’s just say we like our Jen a lot more the way she is now.

jennifer aniston best hairstyles for heart shaped faces

3. Long Hair and Heavy Bangs

That’s really like spelling out Zooey Deschanel. The quirky and retro actress is clearly defined by the hair hairstyle which she has been sporting for quite a while now. And she has no intention of changing it. In fact, pictures have surfaced on the internet of Zooey without her famous heavy bangs, and she was completely unrecognizable. This goes to show just how much a good hairstyle can do for you and your personal brand.

zooey best hairstyles for heart shaped faces

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4. The Bombshell

Do you like your Scarlet Johansson with long hair or with that rogue semi shaved pixie cut? We actually went for the middle ground here and chose our scarlet with those old Hollywood soft mid-length curls that make her look like an actual diva. Add a touch of smoky eye and slap some red lipstick on her and the bombshell look is finished. If you have her facial structure, then all you have left to do is simply copy this look. Wowza!

scarlet best hairstyles for heart shaped faces

5. Let’s Party!

The last lady on our list is here to spice things up with a party do for the ages. It’s a faux mohawk with a very high pompadour in the front that will elongate your face and highlight all your best features. Pair it up with your favorite makeup as well as some statement jewelry, and you will be the queen of the night just like singer Ashanti is every time she walks on stage or the red carpet.

ashanti best hairstyles for heart shaped faces

What did you think of our five choices for the best hairstyles for heart shaped faces and the celebrities the normally sport them? Write to us in the comment section below and let us know which one was your favorite.

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