When it comes to beauty trends, there really is no limit to our imagination and creativity. We are always seeking new ways of improving ourselves and, boy, do we find them! The latest fad to hit the shelves is wiggle brows. They are also known as squiggle eyebrows, and this is exactly what we’re here to debate. Are we loving them or hating them?

First things first. Let’s treat this thing like a good superhero story and ask some origin questions.

  • Where did wiggle brows come from? Instagram, of course. The place where all creativity, good or bad, seems to stem from.
  • How old is this trend? Not old at all. In fact, we can trace them back to this year’s autumn, which has just begun.
  • Are wiggle brows just for women? Certainly not. We are living in the age of equality and, most importantly, gender fluidity. Therefore, it is no surprise that we have already seen pictures of guys as well as girls sporting squiggle brows on Insta.
  • Are they just for Halloween? Their promoters say you should wear them every day if you like them.
  • Can you squiggle any other parts of your face? Sure thing. In fact, you can also draw your eyeliner and lipstick in a wavy line, so that your face can find an equilibrium with the brows themselves.

How to Get Wiggle Brows

Now let’s talk about the process of getting wiggle brows. The first thing we need to warn you about is that it’s not easy. Start by cleaning up your eyebrows of any residual cosmetic product. Then simply take your normal eyebrow kit, whether it’s powder or pencil and, instead of filling in your brows as you normally do, draw the wavy lines on top of your eyebrow line.

Then you need to fill them in. At this point, some ladies have reported that they actually use their eyeliner as a filler simply because their brow filler wasn’t designed to draw that much or to cover that much space.

The next step asks you to clean up the brows and give them a nice and neat shape using concealer around the edges. Just like you do around your lips after you’ve used lipstick. When you’re done, apply a healthy quantity of eyebrow gel to keep everything in place and make sure that all that product doesn’t actually melt on your face and voila! Wiggle brows.

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Fun Facts

One thing we do need to tell you about is that part of the pictures you see on Instagram are just the ladies using the Liquify tool in Photoshop. This means they don’t actually do anything to their brows. It’s just post processing their pics. But you can go ahead and try this trend nonetheless if you find it awesome.

The other thing you need to know is that wiggle brows received mixed to bad reviews on the Internet. Instagram seemed to be quite taken with it, but Twitter would not take to the trend at all and promptly started to throw mean tweets at it.

How about you? What do you think about wiggle brows? Is this a trend that you would love to try or are you boxing it up as something you wish will fade by the end of the month? Write to us in the comment section below and let’s start talking!

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