Once you learn what they’re all about, the next thing you’ll want to know is how long do eyebrow extensions last? After all, if it seems like simply drawing them on every morning might be simpler, then it clearly must not really be worth it, right? So, it’s important to see what makes this treatment worth it and whether it’s something you should seriously consider.

What are Eyebrow Extensions?

Unlike, say, eyelash extensions, the ones for brows don’t come in the extension of your natural hairs making them longer. We reckon the final picture would be a bit odd at the very least. Brow extensions are, however, little hair implants whose main purpose is to give a better-defined shape and fill in the various gaps.

This brings us to another section: why should you get eyebrow extensions?

Because, no matter who you are or what your natural eyebrows are like, this will only bring you a bunch of benefits. They’re ideal for eyebrows who are scarce and are suffering because of continuous tweezing. It’s essentially an instant regrowth which will give you full eyebrows in no time. And speaking of full eyebrows, even if you’ve never tweezed, chances are you still have certain gaps and imperfections which don’t really make your brows look constant. Here’s another problem worth solving through eyebrow extensions!

And, of course, people who’ve lost their eyebrows due to various health conditions can easily ‘regrow’ them and ditch their special drawing pencils. In other words, it’s an intervention worth undergoing if:

  • You want to give a clearer-defined shape to your eyebrows.
  • You want to fill in eyebrow gaps and make them look more even.
  • Certain health conditions made your eyebrows fall out and you want to benefit from a natural look again.

What to Expect from Eyebrow Extensions?

You’ll probably rejoice to hear that the procedure itself is quick and painless. An appointment rarely lasts longer than one hour, so you can easily sneak one in amid your busy schedule. Throughout the intervention, the doctor will simply use a skin-friendly adhesive to individually glue pieces of hair to your eyebrows. In order to determine the shape, the doctor also draws an outline according to your guidelines which they fill in.

How Long Do Eyebrow Extensions Last?

If you thought this is all too good to be true, this is the part where you also learn of some of the downsides of these extensions. Not only aren’t they permanent, but they also last a really short amount of time – a maximum of three weeks, to be exact. However, if you tend to touch your face often, they might fall out a lot quicker than that.

Therefore, this just means you’ll need regular visits to the doctor’s if you’re trying to make the extensions into a long term solution.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, how long do eyebrow extensions last? Sadly, not long enough to make them permanent solutions. However, if you’re willing to commit (or if you only need your eyebrows on fleek for a certain time period), then you’ll have no problems.