If you tend to change your hair color from time to time, you definitely need to learn how to get hair dye off your skin first. All dramatic changes of look involve advantages and disadvantages. Before applying your hair dye, think at ways on how you could get it off your skin. Even if you are confident and you think you have a steady hand, some of that hair color will eventually reach your skin.

How to Get Hair Dye Off Your Skin Really Quick

Petroleum jelly

Before you start applying your new color, coat the hairline with some petroleum jelly. This can be used as a stain removal agent after you dye your hair. If you have little hair color stains on your skin, apply petroleum jelly on them and gently rub the skin. Use your fingertips to massage the skin. Then, the petroleum jelly will turn into the color of the stain.

However, make sure you keep it away from your eyes. After the color transfers to petroleum jelly, use a wet washcloth to remove it.

Makeup remover

This method is really inexpensive. If you apply it right away, it can work wonders. You can get rid of hair dye on your skin in no time. However, you need to know that you will have to rub it into the skin or let it sit for a while to work. Furthermore, a makeup remover will also take care of your skin due to its beneficial ingredients.

Liquid laundry detergent

This technique will also work very well on sensitive skin. Keep in mind the fact that excessive scrubbing can severely damage your skin or irritate it. Since detergent is meant to remove stains from fabrics, it may be used to remove hair dye stains from your skin too. However, you should use a detergent that does not contain any fragrances or dyes.

Apply the detergent on the skin and rub it in with your finger tips. Do not apply too much pressure because you might irritate your skin. To remove it, use warm water or a wet washcloth.

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Learning how to get hair dye off your skin can be difficult, but not if you use some of these tricks.

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Baking soda and dish soap

Combine equal parts of baking soda and dish soap. The liquid soap will remove stains form the skin while the baking soda offers an abrasive effect. Therefore, baking soda helps revealing the layer of skin underneath the stained one. Keep in mind the fact that this might be too abrasive and it might irritate your skin. Therefore, if you have sensitive skin, avoid using this method.

If you do choose for this method, scrub the mixture into the skin, using a cotton pad in circular motions. Use warm water to remove the mixture off the skin after you got rid of the hair dye stains.

Baby oil

Baby oil will break down the color without irritating your skin. Unlike any previous methods, this will not abrasive. What is more, it will soften your skin while scrubbing. However, this may not work as good as abrasive mixtures. To make sure you will be able to remove the hair color stain, let the oil sit for as long as possible. Then, rinse it with running water.

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All these methods will help you learn how to get hair dye off your skin. Nevertheless, you need to be very patient and to make sure you do not irritate your skin while scrubbing.

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