Are you feeling lost because of adult hormonal acne signs? I totally know how you feel. During my teen period, I was lucky because I didn’t have pimples like some of my colleagues. Everybody was asking how I manage to have such a clean skin. Well, that euphoria ended a couple of years ago, when acne started to show up on my face. Since then, I’ve tried a lot of solutions, especially cosmetic treatments. None of them worked. This is why I shifted my focus towards natural remedies. Below, I made a list of all these elements that actually work.

The Best Solutions for Hormonal Acne You Should Try

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1. Stick to Clean and Healthy Eating Habits

Pay attention to what you eat. Things such as refined carbs, dairy products, and fatty foods, can make your acne worse. They don’t necessarily produce pimples, but if you already suffer from acne, it won’t pass as long as you don’t eat right. Sugar and junk food are especially bad for your skin. Instead, try to follow a low-glycemic diet. Make sure to consult your doctor first. Superfoods are always a good idea for clean eating.

2. Use Tea Tree Oil

This natural remedy treats hormonal acne in an effective and even surprising way. It doesn’t irritate your skin, and it works especially in cases of mild or moderate acne outbreaks. Furthermore, this oil has antiseptic properties. It kills bacteria and reduces inflammation. You can purchase products that contain this oil like soaps and skin washes, or you can use it in its natural state as a topical solution.

3. Lower Your Stress Level

Stress is a major factor when it comes to hormonal acne and other skin conditions. During stressful periods, your organism produces cortisol, which is also known as the stress hormone. Moreover, it stops the production of other good hormones, which will eventually show up on your face in the form of pimples. Find proper ways to relax and unwind. You can try yoga or meditation.

4. Take Vitamins and Include Herbs in Your Eating Habits

You can take Omega-3 supplements, which have been proven to lower your testosterone levels. Also, make sure to include this element in your diet by eating salmon, nuts, and other foods that contain Omega-3. Vitex is another treatment that can be effective, especially if you experience major acne breakouts during your monthly cycle. Vitex herbs increase good hormones production.

Wrapping It Up

Hormonal acne outbreaks can be really annoying and make you feel less confident. Fortunately, there are ways to solve this issue. All you have to do is to try several remedies and more important, never give up. You must be patient because natural solutions don’t work miracles. Eventually, with perseverance and a healthier lifestyle, you will get rid of pimples.

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